If the taliban really wanted to rub it in,they could wait until the 11th to take it and have a victory parade with two suspiciously tall tower floats that spontaneously collapse after two drones fly into them with four dancing men controlling them.

I don’t really care about what happens to that shithole. It is sad to see the amount of Americans dead and tax dollars wasted on that flea-pit in the last 20 years. I am not about angry at seeing troops leaving. Although it is very much like the last day so South Vietnam, the difference is that the people of RVN wanted our help. -Shawn

From Zerohedge

One geopolitical observer at a D.C.-based think tank has stated the obvious, but which has remained unsaid in mainstream media coverage: “It’s going to be really awkward (and embarrassing) if the Taliban takes Kabul by September 11th.”

To review: at least eleven provincial capitals have now fallen to the Taliban in just a little more than a week, major cities and towns are being handed over sometimes with “hardly a shot fired” as US-trained national forces are largely in retreat, the Taliban are now a mere 90 miles from Kabul as they prepare an inevitable major offensive, they’ve as of Thursday entered the second largest city of Kandahar in the south, and the US is actually thinking about evacuating and shuttering its embassy. As the Biden White House engages in hand-wringing and dubious half-hearted assurances of “no regrets” – the Taliban appear to be living it up, posting videos of enjoying their spoils

Multiple videos like the above are now circulating on social media, underscoring the irony and full circle nature of Washington’s 20+ year long war and occupation: the trillions poured into the country’s coffers often went straight to lining the pockets of corrupt Afghan officials… said officials are now in retreat and abandoning their palaces (often found in the middle of some of the poorest towns in the world), and now amid the lighting fast Taliban offensive the bearded Islamists from the countryside are living like kings, as one report this week observes:

After capturing yet another strategic location in Afghanistan- Zaranj, the Taliban has taken over the palace of the Governor of the province. As is evident from the exclusive video brought to you by Republic Media Network, the members of the group can be seen squatting over the plush white couch of the palace and enjoying the delicacies on silver crockery kept on the gold-plated table in front

Biden said this week of the deteriorating security situation and the government long propped up by the United States military:  “They’ve got to fight for themselves.”

This could get awkward, and hugely embarrassing, real fast…

Ahead of the highly symbolic September 11 complete US troop exit date which was first announced by President Biden last spring, it’s increasingly looking like there won’t be a “free” Afghanistan to speak of by the time Biden delivers his much anticipated ‘mission accomplished’ speech marking the end of the war (or some variety of mission accomplished anyway).

As of Thursday, Herat – the country’s third largest city – has fallen, also as Kandahar looks to be next…

At this rate the world could see the Taliban at the gates of Kabul by the weekend, or by early next week.

The government in Kabul is reported to be desperate to strike a last minute “power sharing” deal with Taliban leaders, but rarely do victors negotiate.

It will without doubt be hard to be a White House speech writer going into the September grand mission complete date. 


  1. Back in 2001 the West should’ve smashed the Jihadis to dust and then told the Taliban “Do what you like with your shithole, but don’t fuck with us again”. They would’ve understood that. Instead we had 20 years of wasted lives and treasure.

    The whole nation building thing is insanely stupid. The Afghans are primitive savages who like being primitive savages. They’re tribal, and will never be a nation. To hell with them.

  2. Militarily, gaining ground and holding ground aren’t the same thing. It’s possible that the Taliban are over-extending themselves and this offensive may prove a strategic setback for them.

    But with that said, it’s hard to imagine a future where the Taliban doesn’t hold large swaths of Afghanistan.

    The capture of Herat and Faizabad in particular are indicative of great strength on the Taliban’s part. Neither city is particularly Pashtun, and Badakhshan province, where Faizabad is the capital, was the last redoubt of anti-Taliban forces (“Northern Alliance”) pre-9/11.

    This certainly resembles the Iraq withdrawal cock-up, perpetrated by some of the same congenital mediocrities that swarm around the Dem foreign policy establishment.

    But with that said, even as a lover of Afghanistan, it’s hard for me to rouse any cheer at all for more American blood or treasure to stave off an inevitability.

  3. I wonder if the Taliban cut a deal with America’s real ruling class to keep the poppies flowing in exchange for a withdrawal? Or maybe they promised to not let China come in and extract rare earth minerals?

  4. The Taliban has never been the enemy. The real enemy is the ISI in Pakistan, who run the Taliban.

    The idiots running this war knew this from the beginning, but did nothing about it. Looking back, I think Afghanistan was only ever a Central Asian version of Ukraine, where the foreign aid was recycled into kickbacks for the connected. I dare say that if you did some thorough forensic accounting, you’d find billions diverted to connected relatives of politicians on both sides of the party line… Just like Hunter Biden in Ukraine.

    I mean… Seriously: Counterinsurgency 101 is “Deny the insurgents a safe harbor, finances, and weapons support from outside. Isolate the battlefield. If you can’t do this, you won’t win…”. Has anyone seriously tried to cut the Taliban off from their masters and financiers in Pakistan…? Where did we find bin Laden, again? Wasn’t that the primary “military city” for Pakistan, Abbottabad?

    How stupid are we, anyway? Has a single flag-rank officer gone on record pointing any of this out? Have any fallen on their swords over the issue, making it clear to the American public and their own soldiers that they were fighting a useless war…?

    Nope. Take from that what you will. I’ve concluded that they’re all corrupt and in on it.


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