Friday Fun



  1. There are few things in life as satisfying as a well executed L-shaped ambush. Being a post-Vietnam era jungle warfare force with lineage stretching back to the Pacific war, we practised small unit (section and platoon) ambush tactics relentlessly. It’s hard and requires great discipline to wait quietly in place for hours while the mosquitoes bite and leeches crawl on you, but worth it in the end.

  2. Due to my risk profile and due to living in an area where the Delta variant is spreading very quickly I will continue to mask indoors and limit my exposure to crowds.
    It’s been 5 months since I got vaxxed so any protection that may have given me is about gone and I will be damned before I get a booster shot
    If you have a damaged immune system like I do being careful is a good idea.

    • LOL! Hey everybody, get a load of this guy!
      1) He got “vaxxed”.
      2) He buys into this muh Delta variant crap.

      Ironically, you actually might end up needing that booster shot to stave off whatever fucked up effects you’re going to get as a result of the “vaccination” itself.

  3. I’ll add that there are effective treatments for the Virus, however due to corruption ( No EUA if there’s a treatment, $35,000,000,000 first year profits for Pfizer) the information is being suppressed by Twitter, youtube, faceborg and more.
    Visit the FLCCC website and take a look at the qualifications of the Medics that have been using their protocols.
    And the peer reviewed papers they have produced.

    A hell of a lot safer than an experimental vaccine.
    And a hell of a lot cheaper, the drug they recommend has a 40 year record for being both safe and effective as both an antiviral and an antiinflammatory with more than 3 Billion doses used by humans.
    There’s no $ in it at $1.00 per dose….

  4. I don’t get all the hate Lucas/Botkins/T-Rex gets.
    They have a lot of things to admire & emulate even:
    Hating faggot sodomites (or so I’ve heard), they make decent products, have good CS, the guy’s a decent shooter (he doesn’t claim to be a world-class champion or anything, but let’s be honest, he’s probably better than most).
    I have even noticed some low key under the breath lack of enthusiasm for Israel and the trillions of combined direct and indirect aid they get each year from one of them.


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