Who the hell asked for this?

Back by popular demand, the SL8 is an import-legal version of the G36 designed for precision shooting. It features a cold-hammer forged barrel with a recessed crown. The free-floating bull barrel is manufactured with the famous HK cannon grade steel. The G36/SL8 short-stroke gas piston, later featured in the HK416, ensures smooth, clean, reliable operation. The SL8 also features a short MIL-SPEC optics mount, match trigger, and an adjustable stock. hk-usa.com/hk-models/sl8

SL8 rifle with two 10rd magazines$1,699
SL8 rifle with two 10rd magazines with grip wrap (CA Version)$1,749


  1. Popular demand? The only reason people bought these was to chop them up to turn into G36 clones. I’m surprised they didn’t have an MSRP over $2000 actually.

  2. HK must be drowning in delusions of grandeur to bring back this horsesh*t…
    The only people in HK-Country who carry these to the range in 2021 are some old fudds, that still suffer from wet dream about their early days in the army.
    They feel pretty subversive while they load them with a five-round magazine, the only one they own.
    They kneel down as fast as their truss allows them to do so, it then takes some time until they figure out the controls of their plastic-toy, cause it’s been more than two years since they fired it.
    Finally, when they get five shots with 8 MOA downrange, they notice, it’s time to pack up and go home to empty out the colostomy bag.


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