True Velocity Ammunition and the .308 Winchester Limited Edition Set


For decades, the firearm and ammunition industry has been looking for a way to improve small arms ammunition. The improvements have been typically limited to new bullet designs or new cartridges/calibers. With ammunition development, one thing has stayed constant…the use of brass cases. Sure there is ammunition on the market the uses steel or aluminum cases but that is a product designed to give the recreational shooter a cost savings which often comes at a loss of performance.

Around 2017 a company named True Velocity stepped out of the shadows and onto the international ammunition manufacturing stage by revealing their work on a new line of composite cased ammunition. Their initial media exposure in the United States came via a Guns & Ammo magazine article in June 2018. You can read that article here:

The most significant benefit of composite cased ammunition is weight savings. True Velocity promotes an average weight savings of roughly 30 percent when compared to brass-cased ammunition. For the average civilian consumer, weight savings is a negligible benefit. Weight savings pays off primarily with the military community, who often move it in bulk, and the law enforcement community at the user level. In the United States Army, a basic ammunition load for a soldier is 210 rounds (7 loaded 30-round magazines). With True Velocities equivalent 5.56mm ammunition, that soldier can now carry about 300 rounds at the same weight as 210 rounds of brass cased ammunition.

My last duty assignment was as the battalion Senior Logistics NCO in a Light Infantry battalion. I can tell you the weight savings over brass cased ammunition would be a game changer in the logistics arena as well. My planning considerations for ammunition movement and resupply missions encompassed planning factors such as weight capacity (how many trucks/aircraft required for the mission), fuel consumption for transportation assets, material handling requirements at the mission site (often Private Snuffy unloading by hand), etc. The soldiers in my battalion consumed enormous amounts of 9mm, 5.56mm (belted and loose), 7.62mm, .300 win mag, and .50 cal. The weight savings would add up enormously across all calibers and weapon systems. True Velocity composite ammunition in multiple calibers would enable military logistics planners to accomplish missions with fewer assets, less fuel consumption and probably less weight per ammunition crate which reduces the physical effort from soldiers to unload while minimizing the risk of injury by man-handling ammunition crates. Unloading a pallet of linked .50 cal by hand can be an ass kicker. The current calibers produced by True Velocity are shown below.

Image courtesy of True Velocity

A second benefit of composite cased ammunition is heat reduction in the firing process. As stated by True Velocity engineers, their composite case acts as an insulator which minimizes the transfer of heat to the firearm during the firing cycle. Brass cased ammunition has the opposite effect, it acts as a conductor and transmits heat from the firing cycle to the firearm. The benefit is the reduction of the risk of ‘cook offs’ which is ammunition firing in the chamber due to excessive heat prematurely igniting the powder charge in the cartridge. The video below discusses many of technical benefits of the True Velocity design.

Some other promoted benefits of True Velocities ammunition offerings are increased accuracy (due to improved manufacturing processes and tighter tolerances), magnetic retrieval (you can’t appreciate this as much if you haven’t had to police brass by hand on a military or law enforcement range where large amounts of brass cased ammunition were consumed) and it is recyclable.

Image courtesy of True Velocity

Here is another article from Guns & Ammo from February of 2020 that has some good information and photographs in it.

2019 was the year that True Velocities amazing ammunition products gained significant momentum. In January of 2019 TV entered an alliance with Dillon Aero in support of Dillon’s minigun programs. Weight savings and minimized heat transfer is an enormous benefit when you are talking cyclic rates of 6,000 rounds a minute.

In September of 2019, True Velocity composite cased ammunition was selected by the United States Army for the Next Generation Squad Weapon program. This is where I really began to pay attention to the products that True Velocity was developing. Here is the press release for the selection of True Velocity by the United States Army.

This video below on YouTube really drove home what a industry changing product that True Velocity has.

Throughout 2021, True Velocity has been positioning itself to begin ammunition production and distribution to the commercial market. Consumers have been patiently waiting while True Velocity was focusing on product refinement and prioritization of military contracts (they delivered 625,000 rounds to the Army in early 2021). Well, the wait ended, sort of, when on Monday 26 July 2021 True Velocity sent out an email to site subscribers stating that a limited edition collectors box set of .308 Winchester ammunition was available for purchase.

The True Velocity .308 WIN composite cartridge is designed for perfection. Included in the commemorative package are 22 state-of-the-art, composite-cased True Velocity rounds loaded with 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition HPBT projectiles, a branded D.O.P.E. (Data on Previous Engagements) logbook and an official 1 MOA True Velocity challenge coin. Commemorative packages will arrive in a special collector’s edition box.

Having followed the product development, I just had to have one of these limited edition sets of twenty-two .308 Winchester rounds for my collection. The price for a set is $159.99 before shipping. That is bit pricey when you don’t really analyze that this is an industry changing product and you are buying the first ammunition to be released to consumers. Having a ‘collectors disposition’, I’m an easy hook. My order shipped on Wednesday 28 July 2021 and was received by me on Friday 30 July 2021. I thought this was a pretty amazing turn around time.

The box set shipped in a True Velocity branded outer box with a ‘dangerous goods’ label and UPS address label.

Product description from True Velocity
The white box containing the twenty-two rounds of .308 ammunition, the “1 MOA” coin, and the “Rite In The Rain” notebook was under the TV letter and a foam protective pad.

Below are details of the 1 MOA coin.

Below are images of the small True Velocity booklet.

Below are details of the True Velocity branded Rite in the Rain D.O.P.E book

I hope you have found this interesting. If you are interested in a limited edition box of True Velocity .308 Winchester ammunition for yourself, True Velocity still has some boxes remaining.

I am hoping that they do a similar release for 5.56mm. Some type of linked 7.62mm release would be neat as well.


  1. Interesting, I guess.

    I’m interested in the concept and really wish them all the best going forward. I’d be far more interested in putting in an order for some of their .308 today if I could buy a few hundred rounds for some friends and me to try out on the range, without the challenge coin et cetera. As it is? At more than $7/round, I could do that, yes; but I’d rather wait until it’s available at Cabelas, SG Ammo, or Lucky Gunner. in regular old boxes of 50.

    One thing I learned from watching Pawn Stars on the History Channel: if something is made to be a collectible, well, it’s not too likely you’ll make money on it.


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