Just hours after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky unveiled the agency’s new indoor mask mandate, Dr. Anthony Fauci was dispatched to MSNBC, his favorite network, to push the Biden Administration’s narrative for reversing course and tightening federal restrictions despite repeated promises not to.

He also tried to shift the focus to the risk to children, who remain largely unvaccinated, laying the groundwork for the inevitable battle between federal public health officials and skeptical parents.

Central to his argument is that the delta variant is responsible for “as much as 90%” of new infections in the US. Because of this, the nature of the virus has changed.

“The Delta variant is the totally dominant variant now in this country, 88% as much as 90%+…but increasingly now people who are vaccinated are getting infected with the delta variant.”

Pressed about the reason why masks in particular are necessary once again, Dr. Fauci offered a highly technical explanation that noneless doesn’t really make sense when one considers the rates of new cases and hospitalizations in the highly vaccinated states.

“The data are clear … that when a person gets infected who has been vaccinated … and they get infected with the Delta variant, that the level of virus in their nasopharynx is about 1,000 times higher than with the Alpha variant.”

New data like these are the reason why the CDC decided to pull the trigger on the new federal mandate, and why President Biden may soon require all federal employees to get vaccinated. But Dr. Fauci insisted that the agency didn’t “flip flop”, but rather that “something has changed.”

“Something has changed. And what has changed is the virus. The CDC hasn’t changed, and the CDC hasn’t really flip-flopped at all. What’s happened is that when that earlier recommendation was made, we were dealing predominantly with the Alpha variant.”

What has changed is that across the country, deaths and hospitalizations have plunged. And unfortunately, the ultra-liberal jurisdictions where mask and vaccine mandates will be the most strict are the areas that least need these precautions. Notably, deep blue California is in the deep red category, while Texas isn’t. Only the deep red and orange states need to observe the new mask guidance.


  1. When I see someone still obediently wearing their little mask, especially a shittily worn paper surgical mask, I immediately judge them as an unthinking rube. I am in a line of work where various types of masks are worn depending upon what kind of idlh environment we are entering. If it is one with a known biological threat, we are aware that absolutely none of this current “masking” would do shit. Covid masking is not for our health, it’s far more insidious and evil.

  2. From the studies I have seen an N95 or better mask, properly worn, gives about 90% protection.
    If you are immunosuppressed or just an old fart with minor heart problems it makes a lot of sense to wear one at times.
    And even people with asymptomatic cases are seeing long term and serious damage to a variety of organs including the brain about 20% of the time.
    It’s a crap shoot if you catch it.
    And it’s mutating, current policies encourage that.

    The bungling, dishonest and corrupt response to this pandemic by Fauci and the rest of the CDC will undoubtedly be pushed a bit farther.
    And if this sucker mutates into something really nasty
    we are shit out of luck.

    It’s going to be an interesting next few years, for the survivors.


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