the common sawed down M79 grenade launcher


    • the SOG fellas said its actually not too bad, but then again, who would notive recoil when you are in Cambodia surrounded by 2 battalions of NVA forces tryig to kill you

  1. A sawed-off bloop gun is like a sawed-off double-barrel. Shortening the barrels reduces the muzzle velocity, which reduces the recoil. And since they’re not fired from the shoulder, the arms take up most of the kick. And the kick doesn’t slow down the follow-up shot because there isn’t any follow-up shot.

    Also shown, a short-barreled Browning Auto-5 and a (toadie-made) MAT-49 9mm smg.

  2. I do dig that sawed off M79. Pretty cool.

    As for the A5, I thought Hognose posted an article years ago about the Rhodesian Army Browning A5s. Thought those were way cooler than a SB A5. I looked but couldn’t find it in the archives but no luck in the search.


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