I was just shown this interesting statement from soldier systems daily. Apparently the “conservatives” over there don’t like the nature of the comments they gave been getting. I don’t comment over there or use the site much. Since we get the same news and press releases they get, so there isn’t much point to it. I can tell from their statement that they don’t much like public comments about their advertisers or sponsors. Ironically, the editor goes on to accuse these commentors of being the ones with hurt feelings.

Based on the companies they let sponsor content and their indifference to the political statements those companies make, I find the claim that they are “conservative” highly dubious at best. Then again, this is pretty standard for the Neo-con boomers who would have been happy to have John McCain as president.

I got news for you, Eric. The country is divided and it ain’t going to get better. Ignoring the tone of your readers isn’t going to change that. Trying to pretend you take the High Road to protect your gravy trains also isn’t going to fix the country or endear you to your readership.

This bit below is full of social justice warrior bullshit buzzwords and phrases. It reads like Twitter or Facebook terms of service, doesn’t it?

The past few weeks have been eye-opening. It’s quite sobering as conservatives to find that those who claim to be on the same side as you promote political violence and a desire to deny civil liberties to others.

Well the good news, Eric is that you are certainly not on the same side, that’s for damn sure.

We will not provide a platform for those who wish to anonymously further divide our society, cast aspersions on others, or promote hate.

Let me translate that. ” We are in the same mold as Mittens Romney and don’t give a fuck about things because as long as the gravy train from Team Wendy and like keeps flowing, we don’t give a shit what happens to the country.


  1. Haven’t been to SSD in a long ass time, but I can certainly remember one thing – the comments were the primary reason one would go to that site. Sure, you’d still see bunch of TFB-style useless noise but there were plenty of commenters who knew their shit, some of them commenting here as well 🙂
    If not for that I don’t understand why anyone would visit that site. Original articles were far and few between glowing copy pastes of press releases the owner of the site insisted was not advertising.
    But oh well, if the guy wants to post more $600 knife publicity pieces with closed comments he’s free to do so. Wonder if my 4 year old comment approval still works for one last snide comment 😉

  2. I had to dig back a bit to see what all the fuss was about. 1 racist comment that didn’t make it, 1 rant about Israel, and then random excessive complaining about products. Didn’t seem like a big deal. I don’t know maybe there was a bunch more farther back.
    Like Vic I haven’t been there in a bit but it used to be mostly people complaining about stuff anyways. To me that’s more annoying than the other stuff. But whatever, who cares. No comments, whoop de doo

  3. LOL!!! Yeah once I realized that the entire (and I mean the ENTIRE) military apparatus exists solely for the purpose of enforcing compliance with, tribute and subservience to US-“Western”-NATO+Israel+House Of Saud Global Financial Fractional Reserve Banking System, the entire rah-rah ‘Muricah Freedom Fuck Yeah Support The Troops thing became apparent for what it really is.
    SSD is simply an arm of the tentacled beast, and they exist to make $$$$ and serve fresh human flesh to Moloch. Like 99.999% of the troops, cops, bureaucrats, etc. they would follow orders to raid and burn down the house of anyone whom they were given orders to. They are loyal to the paycheck (they all have mortgages, car payments, etc. to pay after all – that’s how debt slavery works).
    Realize too, then, that most of the typical celebrities that are worshipped in the 2A “community”, such as Travis Haley, GarandThumb, Pat McNamara, Kyle Defoor, Larry Vickers, etc. likely did exactly those things to many people in faraway countries who never threatened or harmed an American, and would have done so to Americans and their family members if their masters said so. The “West” (i.e. the places White people built but that are now run by hostile outsiders) has the House Of Saud & Israel as their 2 closest allies, and has the gall to call other people and governments “evil”. That tells you all you need to know. Well, that and that the government-media complex is run by child rapists.
    But I digress.
    Carry on.

  4. Dude drinks the koolaid waaaaaay too much from what I’ve heard and personally seen. All too willing to give full throated support to hearsay and anything that hits too close to home.

    Years back it became apparent that people posting valid negative experience with a product line or a lower cost/domestic made alternative were not welcome and good Lord is that place swarming with brown nosers.

    I loved reading the comments good or bad without those it is like flipping through a 1st Spear catalog (how I miss thee) or those automated PR emails.


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