Riots Start In France Over Vax Requirement Before Food Shopping


Starting August 1st in France, you will have to be vaccinated before being allowed to shop for food in a grocery store. This went over as well as you think.


  1. There are a LOT of refugee’s from the mideast living in France these days, HRC did wonders when it came to increasing racial diversity across Western Europe.
    And quite a few of them are illegal or otherwise ( For some reason) distrustful of their lawful government.
    And there are quite a few people who aren’t comfortable being part of what amounts to a stage 3 trial of a novel kind of vaccine…
    Somehow seeing people being coerced into taking an experimental vaccine doesn’t sit well with me.
    It is clearly a hard boundary for a lot of people, and not just in France.
    As it should be for ANYONE who values freedom.

    • These so called refugees as you call them from the Middle East. They are committing so much murder, rape, and robberies it isn’t funny. Do some research. They aren’t refugees. They are people leaving their sh*t country they never built up and instead are taking over a good country they citizens have built up over the years.

    • Somebody’s living in denial; someone is living in denial. But many of us understand is not your fault you have been very washed!

      Therefote, providing facts and truth to you I’ll be a waste of time. However blood of Jesus Will rescue you from your dilemma.


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