Sabot II Field Test


Took the little Sabot II backpacking stove backpacking and gave it a run through. For a background on it click HERE. The small size is certainly welcome and it runs a lot easier than my usual Whisperlite. All it takes is a quick unfolding, screwing onto the canister and lighting. I think the longest part of the process was getting the stand snapped onto the canister.

The Combo Kit that I got came with a ferro striker. I blew it off and left it behind because I’ve always used matches to light stoves, and a match book would be lighter and smaller. Then as I was trying to light the stove a breeze would come up every time I would try to light a match. Now I see the utility, the wind wouldn’t have bothered the striker. Plus you don’t have to worry about it getting wet or running out.

The stove itself is quite the little jet. It has plenty of power despite it’s size. Was going to get a video of it boiling a cup of water but it went too fast and I was unprepared. So boil time is really good, especially considering I wasn’t using a lid either, just the Nalgene cup (think canteen cup but round)

The arms on the stove are large enough that you can put a decently sized pot on there. I would probably try to keep it under 10″ in diameter though as that will start making it pretty top heavy. I am super pleased with the ease of use. I’ve always used the liquid fueled stoves and they have a bit of a process to get going. The liquid shines in the extremes, so extreme cold/altitude/burn time and larger pots/parties. So they still have their place but for the type of trips I do (at least anymore) this is going to be my go to.

Sorry for the sloppiness of the video, it was done in a single take on the fly and the little guy has a motor mouth. As you will see I forgot to turn the dial to off before screwing in the canister. As well as the breeze blowing out all my matches.

End result, I’m very pleased with how this stove worked out. And thanks to Dragoon Unlimited for the setting me up with one and saving me some me weight and hassle on my trip. If you want one too they’re available on Amazon in either a Basic or Combo set.


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