LAPD Bomb Squad was surprised by the FOOM!


This is some Alanis Morisette-level irony.

More than 12 individuals were seriously injured late Wednesday when an LAPD bomb squad truck exploded while attempting to dispose of a cache of illegal fireworks.

The enormous explosion, which caught the attention of the national press, was triggered by the more than 5K pounds of illegal fireworks confiscated from a home in South LA. One individual was arrested in the raid that led to the fireworks.

In addition to the injured personnel, the explosion also damaged nearby cars and homes.

Seconds before the unanticipated blast, officers on the ground could be seen quickly moving away from the trailer, before another CBSLA officer screamed “fire in the hole”!

The LAPD published a statement about the incident on Twitter, saying the exact cause of the incident remains unknown.

We already know, incompetency


  1. I don’t think they have as many criminal gangs in their midst as the LA County Sheriff’s department.
    I might be wrong.
    It’s big, 30,000 officers and some of the gangs number in the hundreds.
    Gang tats?
    You Betcha.
    Gang signals?
    Of course, my Man.

  2. There’s speculation out there that the OKC secondary blast was stuff that the ATF had in storage, and some interesting corroborating evidence in that a.) they’d recently taken in a bunch of explosives as evidence, and b.) there were no ATF storage facilities for such things, other than their evidence lockers in the Federal Building.

    No idea about what really happened at OKC, but I fear we did not get full and honest disclosure. There are way too many discrepancies in what I saw, and what other guys I’ve talked to saw on the scene. When a very experienced and high-ranking EOD tech tells you that he saw things that day that he couldn’t explain and still be in alignment with the reports that came out at trial…? Yeah, I still have questions.

    There are a lot of idiots out there in the civilian bomb-squad community. If they haven’t been through the Navy EOD course, and spent time doing work for the military EOD teams, I wouldn’t be caught working within a mile of those guys. Even some of the experienced EOD types scared the shit out of me with their casual disregard for things (familiarity breeding contempt…), and I’m someone who’s actually walked up on multiple MICLIC misfires to clear them. I still get the willies, years later. Explosives are no joke, and explosives rigged up by amateurs are scary. And, sometimes, even ones rigged up by supposed pros… I know that one time an EOD team I was working with created their very own improvised MOPMS by stacking out-of-date M14 AP mines on top of the clearing charge, instead of under it. Wound up scattering sensitized (thankfully, unfused…) mines all over our range, which meant it took them a week to account for and destroy all the little bastards.

    With EOD, my motto has always been “Trust, but verify…”, and if they ain’t got the Good Housekeeping seal of approval via the Navy EOD school, stay the hell away from ’em.


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