1938 Snubnosed S&W .38spl.


June 29, 1933: Order to make 250 .38 H.E. 2″ barrels for round butt blue revolvers per H. Wesson.. . . Thus began the Snub nose, swing out cylinder revolver in Springfield. It is estimated by Roy Jinks that a total of 1,500 2′ barreled Military & Police revolvers were produced in the 1933 to 1941 period. Roughly .2%, not 2%, .2% of total 38 M&P production from 1915-1942Now, Granted that’s not near the rarest of the rare, but now, 80-90 years on, how many remain?This one, at 673K serial range, I have estimated to have been made in ~1938 based on other lettered 2″ guns I have looked at on either side of this serial. The Addition of the fine Heiser leather and the bobbed hammer means it was likely carried by someone that carried this gun with purpose in those years. It is also possible/likely it may have shipped post war, note the stocks are post war, but they also could have just been put on after the originals broke (hard rubber was an option on these pre war).Looking forward to the Archive letter in Sept-October, though it will be fairly uncharacteristic of me to hang onto one that long.-Karl Beining


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