Dragoon Unlimited Sabot II Stove Review


Along with the poncho liner I also got the little Sabot II backpacking stove from Dragoon Unlimited. Full disclosure, I didn’t pay for this set, it was offered by Dragoon while talking with them.

The Sabot II is a pocket stove like the MSR PocketRocket or JetBoil, wherein it is a single burner that screws onto a self sealing camp gas canister. The canisters are a mix of iso-butane and a little propane. MSR lists it as 80/20 so I assume the other brands are the same ratio.

There are two versions of the stove that you can get; the basic set which comes with the the stove, case and canister stand and will run you about $30, and then the Combo Kit which comes with the same above plus a propane tank adapter and ferro striker and will run about $40. The one I got was the Combo Kit.

The set comes packed in a pretty small little box but well padded.

The hard case has an included carabine inside as well, I used it to clip the canister stand to the case to keep everything together in the backpack.

It does come with some basic instructions, there isn’t too much to say about these little stoves so the main thing you’ll want the instruction for is the unfolding/folding of the arms. They bend in two directions so you have to do one direction first then the other. Not hard just not obvious at first. Everything feels pretty solid on the stove, or at least as solid as you can make it in this size. The rivets in the arms looked like they could be a weak point but so far seem to be just fine. I really like the inclusion of the propane adapter, I would have never thought to get one or include one myself but it is pretty handy. Especially if you don’t have access to the little canisters or you plan to use it in a more stationary role. I used it for testing at home as I didn’t have the canisters around but did have propane.

The hole is just for shaving weight

The striker seemed like an odd inclusion to me at first as well but it does mean that you have everything to get started minus the fuel, plus you get a lot more strikes out if it than matches. And as I found out during the field test better for windy conditions.

So overall it’s a pretty nice stove, better that my expectations honestly. Everything is tight and feels well made, and most importantly it works. It fires up like a little jet engine, yet you are still able to control the flame easily so if you did want to do more than boil and do things like simmer you can. I priced out what it would be to buy this stuff separately and the cheapest combo I could come up with on my own was about $75. So for the $39.99 you are getting a pretty good deal.

All in all I’ve been very happy with it and I’ll give this little Sabot II a recommend, stay tuned for the field test.

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