Turn your phone & rifle into a portable shooting simulator


Rifle Mount

The Rifle Mount attaches to any picatinny rail and holds a mobile phone behind the eye piece ready to use the Virtual-Shot™ app.

Mobile App

Once the Rifle Mount and phone are attached to the rifle, the Virtual-Shot™ app creates a ballistically accurate shooting range that tracks the rifles movement enabling realistic shooting practice.

Shoot at All Distances in All Conditions

Virtual-Shot™ gives you the ability  to fully customize your range experience. Adjust target distance, target moving speed and even wind conditions. It also has heaps of mini games and video lessons taught by an ex-Army sniper.


  1. Now this is interesting I’ve been hoping that we would see more pairing of technology and firearms training as we got more VR and smaller more powerful processors. Would make dry fire practice a lot more fun.

    I’ve looked and while they mention ballistic calculator has there been any word if you can select cartridge to simulate?


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