.218 Crow Control


The local crows have been playing hell on people’s crops and gardens. Not to mention the trash cans. So I have been smashing them pretty hard the last couple mornings while they were out feeding. Ky has a season but you can take them year round if they are committing and act of depredation.

Naturally I used my sweet little custom Martini Cadet in .218 Bee.

getting fat from other people’s toil

I got the above one from about 100 yards. Yesterday I smashed on in the top of a tree 205 yards away in a 10-12 mph crosswind. 205 yards isn’t that far for the 218 but its tricky with the full value crosswind. Not the hardest shot I’ve ever made, but I’m proud of it.

Things needed for fast crow shooting with a rifle. A sandbag youc an shape. A call and some binos to spot them in the tree leaves.


  1. Nice to see the “Commonwealth of Australia” markings on the receiver.

    I had one of those chambered in .225 Winchester and it was the most accurate rifle I’ve ever owned.


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