Website Posting Schedule Update


Yeah, I know the slower pace isn’t what you are used to and the majority of guest posts isn’t as fun as the usual crap I post. But it’s going to continue past next week. If you recall, my Mother has some medical issues and such that require me to drive her out of town. That is going to be happening next week. Good news is, it turns out the condition wasn’t as serious as feared but it still requires some light surgery and some immediate attention. It was caught early enough. Knock on wood.

A few other things have to be done as well. Some of it is things that are for the website later on next month. Some of it is normal errands. Depending on what the Doc says next week, expect at least a week or a few days in the not distant future where things will slow down again for a week or handful of days. Anyway…

I say all that to say expect more guest posts and less from me next week. Maya will be doing the usual press releases as they come out, and maybe Duncan’s useless ass will make himself useful and post some. Working on getting BAP45 an account so he can post freely without having to send it to me via email first.

If you can’t wait for my normal return to the site’s posting, you can find me over on at nights, working my normal job.



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