Smith & Wesson Model 610-3


Today from Karl at KGBcustom is this 10mm wheel gun.


  1. There’s always seemed something a little odd to me about using rimless semiauto cartridges in revolvers, like this gun and the 625 in 45 ACP. I guess Jerry Miculek would disagree. 🙂

    • Me, I have a thing about revolvers chambered in autopistol cartridges. I have two, and I’d be pleased as punch if I had a Colt or Smith 1917. I love those things. I wish I’d bought one in the late 1990s or early aughts when they were still reasonable.

  2. So did I until I learned the accuracy is terrible when you load them with .40 because the cartridge is only headspacing on a sheet steel moon clip instead of the case mouth as it’s supposed to.

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