Friday Fun



  1. I don’t get the Tranny thing.
    They are just people, some good, some bad and most indifferent.
    I read a while back that there were now officially 57 different genders ( I’m not supposed to snicker, but I do).
    I grew up in the East SF Bay Area and worked in SF in the 70’s and 80’s, I met a lot of different people, some of them very different.
    “FFA” on the back of an athletic Man’s jacket does not refer to the “Future Farmers of America…
    I worked with Gay People of many flavors, a few transexuals ‘and plenty of heterosexuals like myself.
    I haven’t seen a correlation between one’s sexual orientation and one’s competence at a job, pretty much the same mix of jerks, knuckleheads, idiots and good people in every cohort.

    Just people.

    As to Karl, I’d be more inclined to suspect an unnatural fondness for Banana slugs.


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