Colt India LE6943 CQB Prototype Bayonet


In the 2012 to 2014 time period, Colt was involved in the Multi-Caliber Assault Rifle competition in India. India was evaluating five different rifles (later reduced to four) to replace their ill-fated Insas combat rifle. In almost absolute obscurity, there was a parallel evaluation program being conducted for the adoption of a short-barreled rifle for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) operations by special operations personnel and police. The Colt Defense submission for the CQB evaluation was the LE6943 carbine with the monolithic upper receiver.

India wanted to maintain the ability to mount a bayonet on the CQB carbine that they will select. To satisfy this requirement, Colt came up with a unique prototype bayonet design. To keep the CQB carbine barrel length at 11.5 inches, Colts bayonet design used a locking device that locked onto the bottom 1913 rail of the LE6943 upper receiver.

Colt LE6943 upper receiver with the Colt LE6943 CQB India prototype bayonet installed.

As you will see in the images below, the prototype bayonet was just another bayonet design with the one spectacular difference of locking directly to the 1913 rail instead of using a bayonet lug under the barrel.

Top view of the front of the bayonet and scabbard
View of the back side of the bayonet scabbard

Here is what makes this bayonet so unique when compared to any other bayonet…this locking device is really just a larger version of the locking device that connects to a bayonet lug. The difference, as mentioned earlier is that it connects directly to the 1913 rail.

There are two known examples of this prototype bayonet. I have one and a friend of the LooseRounds page who specializes in Colt prototypes has one. I was exceptionally lucky to get the opportunity to own this and one of the unique, specially designed buttstocks for the India MCAR competition. I will do a post about the Colt India MCAR stock at a future date. Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. That’s such a great idea. Rather than come up with some complicated adapter or new upper. Only downsides I can think of are that it makes the bayonet only work with that barrel and hand guard ratio and excess wear on the aluminum of the rail. But I still want think that’s pretty slick.

  2. Very Cool. Little to shiny in my opinion, but very cool. Is the “friend” over at He had a tiny write up on these as well last year if I recall correctly but only had one or two photos.

  3. I would buy one of those for my 11.5 if they were mass produced.
    Much better than the contraption Giselle was hocking.


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