Army Drums For Weapons


At one point the .gov had played around with using these nifty drum storage containers. I had never really seen many pictures of them until this morning when someone shared some on one of the facebook gun groups.

M3 submachine guns
one with a cutaway for M1 Garands

this one holds twentyfour 1911s. The top is glass for display purposes and wasn’t meant to be that way if adopted

I’ve read that the Army only tested these and they weren’t ever officially adopted. Every picture I’ve found of one has been in a museum like Springfield Arsenal.


  1. Looks like something for paradropping guns to guerillas.
    What were these for? Just normal storage in armories? Deep storage? Seems quite inefficient considering how much space is wasted on stacking cylinders.

  2. They cached a shit-ton of things in Europe for stay-behind parties. Some of which still haven’t been found.

    There were even caches on the other side of the Iron Curtain for the SF bubbas to utilize. How they managed that, I have not a single clue.

    The Red Brigades in Italy used some of these caches as weapons sources for their efforts, supposedly. Stuff was hidden all over the place–I think there were sites popping up in the UK from when they were getting ready to be overrun by the Nazis, as well.

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