Hey you know how it is. You are on tinder looking for a hot date for the night, you find some hottie and next think you know you are at her place and things get spicy.You go back for more and next thing you know that her turns out to be a him.

A freshman Virginia Tech linebacker charged with murder told police he fatally beat a man — breaking every bone in his face — for catfishing him on Tinder, prosecutors said. Well, that seems drastic. It’s not like they did anything right? Oh wait..

Ismemen David Etute, 18, told cops he went to the Blacksburg apartment of 40-year-old Jerry Smith in April for oral sex after matching up with someone named “Angie” on Tinder, the Roanoke Times reported.

Sheeeeeiiiiit girl, dat some mad head!

something tells me he is gonna get off lightly.

Etute then returned to the apartment on May 31 for another meet-up, at which point he discovered the person he had matched up with this time was male, according to Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jason Morgan, citing details the now-suspended linebacker told cops. Yo dawg, dat better not be a dick I’m looking at..

Oof. Must have been really impressive!

Etute told investigators he punched Smith five times in the face and “stomped” on him, but didn’t call police despite hearing “bubbling and gurgling” from the victim as he left the apartment. Cops found the badly beaten man’s body one day later, the newspaper reported.

Etute, who is charged with second-degree murder, was arrested on June 2. His attorney, Jimmy Turk, told a judge the case was “more than someone just showing up to an apartment and punching someone.”

“Nobody deserves to die, but I don’t mind saying, don’t pretend you are something that you are not,” Turk told reporters outside the courtroom. “Don’t target or lure anyone under that perception. That’s just wrong.” I Do agree with this. But scroll down a little further and look at the victim and tell me how the hell he passed as a woman.

At one point during Wednesday’s bond hearing, Turk reportedly asked Etute — clad in an orange prison jumpsuit — how he had been impacted by the charges.

“Real hard,” Etute said. “I’m trying to stay strong for the people that support me, I feel like I’ve let a lot of people down. … I’m truly sorry for my actions.” translation- “I’m really sorry I got caught getting head from sumdood.” Sumdood pictured below.

Jerry Paul Smith was allegedly beaten to death by Isimemen Etute. that is the most feminine 5 oclock shadow I have ever seen, no wonder homie was fooled

Etute, who will stay with his parents in Virginia Beach, is due back in court on Sept. 23, WJZY reported.

The linebacker’s team profile was not active Thursday. He was suspended from the squad last week.

Oh man, what will the homies back on da hood think about this! Despite what the media would have you believe about trans hate crimes and murders, the vast major of people who kill trans-“women” are black men.



  1. Look up the last episode of the “Unsubscribe Podcast” on youtube. Shows exactly how easy it is to catfish with todays tech.

  2. The phrase “Don’t start none, won’t be none…” comes to mind. This is also, I think, a really excellent example of the phenomenon of “poor victim selection”. You don’t start a fistfight with Andre the Giant when you’re Tiny Tim, now do you?

    Ah, well… The species is likely better for all of this, presuming the news reports are at least slightly accurate. I’m reminded of a certain bitchslut of a young lady who, after working her feminine wiles on most of my platoon, wound up hooked up with a known domestic abuser (oddly, he had to be known to be such to her well before her time with him…) and got her facial features rearranged one fine summer evening. Required extensive corrective cosmetic surgery that they didn’t quite get right…

    I’ve always been really ambivalent about that one. I would never condone or excuse, as Chris Rock once put it, but I do understand. Kinda.


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