Moore Militaria Rip-stop ERDL


By BAP45

Moore Militaria has some reproduction ERDLs (green dominant) and they are spot on. They offer two versions, a poplin and ripstop set. There are slight differences in the details of the patterns with the different fabrics even. A nice touch to the detail minded. I went with the ripstop version and have them compared to a set of pretty solid 1969 dated examples. As you can see the colors match perfectly and if you look closely in the close up pictures you can see the blurred edges are even recreated. The tag style is also recreated. I took two side by side photos, one in the shade and one in full sun.

Only visible difference I can make out is the pattern bleeds through on the originals but not the repros. That may be from washing or wear but it’s the only thing I noticed. (That was something even mint ERDLs show-ST)The sizing does seem a little on the big size as well, but that could just be because they haven’t been washed yet. It’s not enough of a difference that I would suggest ordering a size smaller than your normal, stick with your normal size. Final verdict; quality is top notch so get some and stop beating up your originals. Highly recommended.Below is an excerpt from their web page.

“Reproduction ERDL R/S Jungle Fatigue Coat. These look amazing and have an excellent blurred edge and bright green base color. This run is part of a limited partnership and available solely through us in the US. These ripstop Green Dominant ERDL reproductions have all of the correct features including custom milled / printed ERDL cotton ripstop fabric, zipper fly, waist take up tabs, drain holes, DSA tags, “Bandage” pocket, knee darts, straight cuffed sleeves, etc. These are sized like original jungle fatigues. See the size chart in the reference section if you are unsure of the size ranges.”


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