With modern bullet technology, the 9mm is just as good as…



  1. That saying is a copout. It really should go like, and Jim Cirillo could testify, “If you don’t suck 9mm is as good as .45”.

    Although this video shows nothing out of the ordinary for shots to the heart, a momentary confusion of the shootee, followed a strong urge to stop whatever you’re doing and just lay down and die.

  2. News flash for ya: Ain’t nothing a “one-hit” “manstopper”. Both terms are entirely meaningless until you reach the 155mm range of things, and you ain’t sticking no M109A6 into the small of your back.

    Fuck, there are guys who took hits from 12.7 and 14.5mm Soviet rounds who stayed in the fight, and killed at least some of their opponents. Likewise, there are guys who were killed by itty-bitty little shell fragments whose energy retention was probably a hell of a lot smaller than a .22 short. And, as any contract killer will tell you, the .22LR is a pretty good choice for killing people, so long as you place it properly.

    There’s a whole lot of “WTF” built-in, when you start talking this stuff. Friend of mine once blew the heart out of a whitetail deer, and it ran a measured 120 yards before it collapsed. Shot another one that just fell over and died in place, wherein we never found a bullet hole on it–The deer just had a heart attack or a stroke, died where it stood when he fired at it.

    Christ, the most chilling experience I ever had along these lines was butchering rabbits after school with my older sister–I was holding one of the damn things by the ears, there in the barn, she dropped the axe on it, head came off and she let go of the legs to let it flop. The two of us stood there while it ran around us and the chopping block in a circle about three-four times, and then ran straight out the only open man-door in the barn.

    I still had the goddamn head in my hands. Halloween, 1974-ish. Scared the crap out of me, and I’m still a little nervous around rabbits, TBH… We never did find out where that goddamn thing ran to, either–Last we saw of it, it was doing a run-dodge-jump through the rubble pile from the burnt-out dairy barn and heading around the hayloft towards the woods.

    Try explaining that one, when your stepdad asks how the hell you’re missing one of the rabbits you were supposed to have ready for the freezer when he got home. I still can’t quite believe that happened, but as God is my witness… It damn sure did.

    You go to kill anything, and there ain’t no certainties, no way, no how.

  3. I pretty much agree with Kirk, I shot a feral cat in the head with a .22 hollow point and it went wild in my kitchen for several minutes.
    I looked at the wound out of curiousity afterward, the brain was a mess because the bullet bounced around a little before exiting below the right eye.
    Unless you make that CNS shot you are going to be quite busy for the next few minutes.
    Be lucky too.
    Because Fortuna has a greater effect on the lives of Men than most are comfortable with.

  4. I shot a rabbit with my .17 HMR a few years ago. I heard the thump of the impact and it jumped like it had been hit, then it ran like hell over to a burrow about 50m away and scooted in. I was astonished because I thought it was a solid hit. I walked down to where it had been, and there was the insides of a rabbit lying in a pile on the ground….heart, lungs, guts…everything. That rabbit had been entirely hollowed out in the space of a millisecond or so, and was still able to run half a football field at full rabbit speed.

    There are no certainties in the shooting game.

    • None whatsoever. I think all these idiots that talk about “one-shot stop” and “stopping power” are doing anyone going up against the legal system a huge disservice, because they create a set of false expectations in the public and with the judiciary system: “Why did you shoot him so many times? Why were you using hollowpoints?” and on and on and on.

      The reality is, you have to keep shooting until the target isn’t threat, and that may mean one round or fifty. There is no such thing as “too much” in a lot of these situations, only “enough”. And, “enough” is a widely variable term, enough so that you may need to apply much more than the average person might consider “reasonable”, whatever the hell that is to the non-shooting public.

      Thing we all have to remember is that while it is indeed better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6, the 12 are gonna be the 12 people on the local registered voter rolls who couldn’t get out of jury duty the day they were selected… And, those folks are going to be influenced by things they see out in the media, including advertising. I get really pissed-off with some of the marketing that I see where they talk about all this, and the distortions that get used with regards to it all. The average person is immersed in this world where TV and movies show the good guys shooting the bad guy once, he goes down, and then the hero gets up from being hit in the arm with no visual effect, when we all know damn good and well that even a peripheral hit can leave someone disabled for life. “Why didn’t you shoot to wound him in the leg or arm…? You didn’t have to kill him…”.

      It’s all idiots, all the way down.

      • “Why didn’t you shoot to wound him in the leg or arm…? You didn’t have to kill him…”.

        This persistent myth makes me insane. I had a neighbor once—an avid hunter, no less!—use it on me once.

  5. Bad shoot, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Code, Section 8 states you can pistol whip your old lady as you please.

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