What Is The FBI Hiding About The DC Pipe Bomb Suspect?


Authored by Techno Fog via The Reactionary

It has been over five months and the FBI still has not apprehended the hooded suspect who placed pipe bombs near the RNC and DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C. on the evening of January 5, 2021.

The FBI’s latest wanted poster provides photographs and few identifying characteristics of the suspect:

There are, however, some curious omissions in the FBI’s description. By now, we assume the FBI (if it has done a thorough investigation) has the suspect’s height, approximate weight, and shoe size.

Why not disclose that information to the public?

Calculating height from video footage is a simple matter of geometry. I won’t get into the details of the calculations. But in general, this graphic from the FBI’s Best Practices for Forensic Image Analysis shows the analysis done to determine the height of a bank robbery suspect.

In the DC pipe bomb case, the suspect was seen on video standing on a DC street on South Capitol Street on the night of January 5. From this camera angle, the suspect’s height is roughly even with the height of a nearby handrail. Not a complicated problem for the FBI’s experts to solve.

Once the suspect’s height is measured against the fixed object, it could be compared against and confirmed by use of the measurements from the resident seen on video walking his dog. (We assume that the FBI has located and interviewed this resident.)

By now the FBI also likely has a shoe size. Again, based on video footage this would be a simple measurement. Photograph for reference.

Currently, the FBI has a $100,000 reward for information leading to the identification of this suspect.

The FBI has pleaded with the public, saying “We need your help to identify the individual responsible for placing these pipe bombs to ensure that they will not harm themselves or anyone else.”

We reached out to the FBI, asking if they would release the suspect’s height and weight and shoe size. This information is essential to help the public identify the suspect.

The FBI’s response:“The FBI has no further information to supply on this matter other than what has already been released.”

Why keep the suspect’s identifying information under wraps?

A couple possibilities. First, the FBI’s investigation is probably further along than any of us know. They’re collecting data on purchases of the suspect’s Nike Air Max Speed Turf and the timers, etc. used to make the pipe bombs. From that data they cross-reference travel, locations on 1/5/2021, height, shoe size, etc.

Second, maybe there’s something else to this story. The FBI has always been sensitive to its public perception and controls information to serve that purpose. For example, the FBI has never been forthcoming about its agents’ involvement with terror suspects. Or, consider whether the pipe bomb investigation would cut against the politics of January 6. I take no pleasure in skepticism of the FBI, but this is a reputation the FBI has earned.

Either way, this outside observer can’t help but notice that one group of targets – those who entered the Capitol Building on January 6 – are pursued in the public sphere more aggressively than the person who set out pipe bombs the night before.


  1. A FISA Judge described the FBI as having an
    ” institutionalized lack of candor”.
    The FBI has had many a scandal from Whitey Bulger, the Lab Scandal and of course all the shennaigans they got up to during and after the 2016 campaign.
    FBI Officials including lawyers have lied under oath repeatedly and have often prospered after their lies came to light.
    No I don’t trust the FBI, there’s something about being lied to repeatedly over many decades by an organization that has admitted many serious criminal acts that diminishes trust.
    Strange, that.
    Perhaps better PR is needed?

    • People from lots of alphabet soup agencies needed to do hard time over what they did to the Trump campaign in 2016, and probably 2020 also.

      It’s the worst public scandal of my lifetime, maybe in the history of the Republic. It’s trite to call it “worse than Watergate,” because there are multiple means of checking an elected President, including impeachment, voting him out, or letting him term limit out. The absence of accountability on the FBI’s (and the other TLAs’) part is incredible. And what can be done?

      • The oligarchy won’t do anything until they perceive a credible threat to their power such that they can’t suppress it. Then, they’ll throw some of the alphabet agencies to the wolves, with assurances that they’ll land softly in sinecure positions.

        That’ll last just long enough until the next time, or the time afterwards.

        Ya gotta remember… Nixon went down because he pissed off the unelected bureaucracy. There was nothing at Watergate that FDR, Kennedy, or LBJ hadn’t done ten times more and worse. LBJ had the fucking FBI inside Goldwater’s campaign, for God’s sake, and everyone was fine with that. What happened with Watergate was that the unelected decided to perform a coup on Nixon because he’d had the temerity to go outside the FBI for a new head, and didn’t put one of Hoover’s boys in charge. Mark Felt? The guy who harassed MLK? He was Deep Throat, and everyone in DC knew it, to include the owners and editors of the newspapers where it all got started. The two “useful idiots”, one of whom is still being used to this day, had not a clue they were tools, apparently too stupid to figure that out or ask the question “Why is this guy telling us this…?”.

        We’re deep into the corrupt Roman Republic period, the one just before Caeser and Empire. Trump will no doubt be compared to one of the Gracchi brothers, and the Biden Krime Krewe will be compared to the Boni that took Caeser down and forced Octavian to become Augustus. How all that plays out in the American context, I have no idea. I only know that Ben Franklin would be pretty clear on the fact that we’ve lost our Republic.

        • “What happened with Watergate was that the unelected decided to perform a coup on Nixon because he’d had the temerity to go outside the FBI for a new head, and didn’t put one of Hoover’s boys in charge.“

          I’m too young to remember Nixon firsthand. All I knew about him growing up was Stubble Man Bad. Watching the FBI’s plot against Trump get revealed in near real-time over the last 5 years has put Nixon in a very different light.

          • As it should, my friend… As it should.

            The left had it in for Nixon from day one of his political career, when he won election over one of their grande dame anointed ones in California. They never forgave him for that, and they went after him hammer and tong. He was another outsider, like Trump and Reagan, the elite having sponsored Eisenhower over him, and acquiescing to Kennedy as “one of them” when the 1960 election was stolen in favor of Kennedy. There’s a lot of today’s history there to be seen in the not-so-distant past, where we find repetition of the same BS, time and time again.

            What I’m coming to recognize, ruefully, is that the actual parties running things are neither Democrat or Republican. They’re the oligarchy, pure and simple, running both parties as stalking horses for their machinations. Look at just who else profited from Ukraine. It wasn’t just Hunter Biden–There were others involved, who were from our “sainted Republican” betters. All that differs, at the national level? The fucking letterheads. Local party officials may be honest if stupid, but the national levels are all the same assclowns, all the time. They give not a single fuck or damn about you and I, nor the nation. They’ve been selling us all out, since around about, oh… 1800-ish?

            The more I see of things, the more I’m starting to think the cranks who were talking “conspiracy theories” back when I was a kid might just have been on to something. There’s too much that militates towards this view, when you consider the old military truism that “Once is misfortune, twice coincidence… Three times? Enemy action.”.

            There is way to damn much that’s conveniently “gone wrong” to get us to where we are today without there being something going on in terms of coordination and planning. No idea what, but when you look at it as a whole, the isolates tend to all trend the same way, and that’s just not a likely thing.

          • I can tell you who is behind all this, but I will leave it to a couple of other based commenters if they see this. That way I don’t sound crazy to the normies who read the site.

            Just take a look at who you are not allowed to ever criticize.


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