Krebs Custom M1911



Colt 70 series MKIV in 45 ACP by master smith Marc Krebs. Krebs began his career by enrolling in the gunsmithing program at Lassen Community College in Susanville, California. He studied under master gunsmith Bob Dunlap. In 1985 Krebs started his own business as a general gunsmith for a gun shop in Illinois. After approximately 7 years of general gunsmithing, his focus shifted to IPSC-style competition and highly customized pistols. From 1991 forward, Marc built an international reputation for high quality handguns that ran flawlessly with artistic and innovative features. With the encouragement of fellow pistolsmith Richard Heinie, Krebs applied for admission and was accepted into the American Pistolsmith’s Guild. In 1998 Marc was named one of the top ten pistolsmiths in the country by American Handgunner magazine, included with gunsmithing masters Armand Swenson and Jim Clark Sr. Marc continued to work primarily on 1911s until approximately 1999, when his focus turned to another area of interest—Kalashnikov-pattern military rifles. I’ve called Marc’s shop twice to inquire about a custom 1911 build. He isn’t making any more of them, so they have become harder and harder to find in the wild on the secondary market. I found this beautiful example recently and wasted no time bringing it into the fold. Most of Marc’s 1911s featured his “snake skin frontstrap” which has been knocked off by S&W and many custom gunsmiths — but for me, snake skin is for belts and boots, not guns. So when I found this checkered example, built on a Colt 70 series platform with a Nowlin hard fit barrel, I moved quickly. It certainly has not disappointed so far. When it stops raining I’ll take it to the range for a session and then we can decide on a new finish. I’m thinking NP3.


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