KGBcustom Full Custom Colt


Our Pal ,the good Karl, The Karl of that is, has finished another one of his masterpieces. Enjoy these beautiful pictures of his masterwork.


  1. I know when I bring up small nits that mean nothing to most owners/shooters of guns, it just annoys some (perhaps even most) shooters.

    But I love seeing top-shelf work like this, and one thing that caught my attention, and which I’d ask Karl “How did you choose to do that?” is the front sight. Please look at this pic:

    OK, look at the dovetail base for the front sight. Look carefully at how the lines from the checkered rib are run forward across the dovetail. Then look at how the sides of the dovetail are rounded down to meet the sides of the slide, maintaining the profile of the round part of the slide as it comes down off the top rib to the slab sides.

    Looks very pretty, right? It is. This is beautiful work. You can see it, I can see it… and I’m sure you’re wondering “OK, so WTF is your problem, DG?”

    Well, look at that front sight and think about how you drift or push that sight out of the dovetail when the need arises to replace it. The only thing I can reckon is to push it to the right with a flat punch on the left side of the sight…

    then think about if you need a whole new front sight, and how you shape the base to be like this one… while it’s in the dovetail of a highly finished gun.

    Now you get an idea of what it is like to work on highly finished guns like this and appreciate those who have the patience and skill to do it.


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