A Vintage M700 & 20x Unertl With Some Other Stuff


Yesterday my pal dropped by with his new( to him) rifle and 20X Unertl. You may recall the Unertl restoration article from late last year. He was the one helping me with being a big fan of the scopes himself. He picked up one of the old Remington M700 varminters. This one a .22-250. An excellent round for varmint smashing. The 20X Unertl target is a great match for it. The gun is posed atop an old Al Freeland tripod.

Many years ago I almost bought an identical gun in .243WCF with a 2″ Unertl in 15X but I was just a broke college kid. Remington later sold these guns with HS Precision stocks and even a laminated wood stock but they never had the same appeal to me.

Of course this makes me think of my precious Pre-64 Model 70 Winchester.

I got this Holy Grail for me back in 2010 after many years of looking for one. Recently I got the 12X Unertl for it from Brady who had the same scope on his varmint Model70 in .243. Yea he has been a yuge influence on my precision shooting life.

I been thinking about making a video talking about the Unertl and showing how it works. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that.

All the vintage rifles and optics lately have gotten me thinking about them and how much I love’em. If you have never tried one or owned one you don’t know how much pleasure you’re missing out on.

I’m gonna indulge in a little nostalgia and share some stuff about it below.

The above Winchester model 43 in .218 Bee is something i Have lusted after for years.


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