China vs Russia vs USA recruitment shorts



  1. A lot of good men will die as a result of this bullshit.

    I work with our Navy, and they’re still warriors. I hope this nonsense stays well away from them so that they may prevail in battle and kill our enemies.

  2. Look at the bright side… These are the people they’re going to be throwing at the normies. How do you think that’s gonna work out? LOL…

    Jesus, just thinking about putting the US Army circa 1981 up against the US Army 1995? It is to fucking laugh. The 1981 bubbas might have been a bunch of dope-smoking undisciplined fucktards in garrison, but as far as mental toughness and sheer brutality? Yeesh. The poofsters from 1995 would have been fucked, and fucked hard–Especially when it came down to sheer fieldcraft and mind-fuckery. The line troops routinely did shit that not even the cadre at SERE school can get away with, these days.

    In 1981, it wasn’t uncommon to have the “other guys” on a field exercise break out the field telephone and commo wire during interrogations, which they’d then apply to the testicles of whoever they wanted info from. Nobody involved at any level even blinked at the idea–It was a fully-accepted practice. Penalty for being dumb enough to get yourself captured, see?

    Try that shit in 1994, or now? LOL… You ‘gwan to jail, homie… Jail. Long-time pound-me-up-the-ass prison time.

  3. Sweet ….satire is dead.

    Someone got paid big bucks to produce this and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it won an award.


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