3-D Printed Guns that look like nerf poducts


From over at zerohedge

A couple of months ago, we noted deputies in a North Carolina drug raid seized cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana, money, and a Glock 19 disguised as a Nerf toy gun. We weren’t quite sure if the seizure of the pistol, made to look like a harmless children’s gun, was an anomaly, but it appears today people are 3D-printing weapons that resemble Nerf guns. 

Case in point, Twitter account “YoungBreezy” has printed a working 3D-printed gun that looks exactly like a Nerf gun. The weapon has a similar color scheme and even the Nerf logo printed on the side. 

He said, “What it looked like before. Muzzle thing (not a suppressor) and brace broke off. Had a couple of failures to extract, and towards the end, the trigger wasn’t resetting reliably. Other than that, the test went well. Bolt didn’t break this time, and it was pretty consistent.” 

The gun appears to be the FGC-9, which stands for “f**k gun control 9 mm.” As we’ve noted, the FGC-9 can be printed entirely at home for the cost of $350, including the printer’s cost. During the print, YoungBreezy used plastic filament to mimic Nerf gun colors and added the Nerf logo on the side of the weapon. 

Democrats and gun control activists have been terrified of a decentralized network of 3D printed gun advocates quickly mobilizing online, revolutionizing gun designs, sharing blueprints, advising, and building a community. There’s no easy way the federal government can halt this movement as President Biden, not too long ago, declared war on ghost guns.

Last Friday, the Justice Department proposed a rule that changes the definition of a firearm to require 80% lower kits to include serial numbers. Lawmakers have also reintroduced a bill that they say would ban ghost guns. 



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