Hoppe’s Classic Glass Bottle Reintroduced


This is aimed right at me. I am a sucker for vintage gun stuff. Now if Hoppes would only bring back the original formula so it would be worth a shit again.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – May 11, 2021 – Hoppe’s, the No. 1 name in gun care products, is excited to announce the return of Hoppe’s No. 9 in its classic glass bottle. The return of the glass bottle comes after repeated requests on social media for Hoppe’s to “go back to glass”.

This nostalgic bottle comes complete with throwback artwork and label, and is sure to be a hit among shooters new and old. The bottle comes in the popular pint size, so gun owners can keep plenty of cleaner on hand at any given time. When the time comes for more Hoppe’s, the glass bottle can easily be reused year after year. This bottle is available in the United States only and comes with a child-resistant cap for safety.

The re-introduction of the Hoppe’s glass bottle is a direct result from numerous consumer requests. Hoppe’s faithful users have called, emailed, and reached out to the brand via social media to express their desire to see the glass bottle returned. “Too bad you still don’t use glass bottles,” wrote one fan. “I refill mine and use it over and over. Just seems like the right thing to do.” The team at Hoppe’s couldn’t agree more and everyone is excited to once again be able to offer this popular container.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner remains the most widely used remover of powder, lead, metal fouling and rust for firearms. The glass bottle features the same exact formulations found in standard bottles, so today’s gun owners can rest assure that their favorite firearms will remain protected.

To learn more about Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner or to see more Hoppe’s gun care products, visit hoppes.com.


  1. Hoppe’s is a good product but I haven’t used it for years. I use Ed’s Red along with a few other lubes and cleaners occasionally.

    I presume from your comment that they’ve changed the recipe?

    • Yea, years ago the EPA banned the chemical that used to be in it that made it work great. Now its only good for cleaning off dirty bore brushes. TM solutions and Butches Bore Shine are infinitely better.

      before the change, hoppes was as good as the old militaru bore cleaner from ww2 – Vietnam. that you can still find online

  2. They changed? I still have the glass bottle in the cabinet. a pint goes a long way.
    The refill thing has me scratching my head. Where or what are you refilling from? I would assume it’s another plastic jug.
    Oh and that brings up a good question. What’s everybody’s favorite cleaner?

    • Not hoppes, its barely better than water. Butches Bore SHine or TM Solutions or even Shooter’s Choice is superior

    • Like I said above, home made Ed’s Red works great for me for general handgun clean, lube and preservation. I’m just about to finish the last of a batch I made about 3 years ago, so it’s inexpensive too.

      There’s also an Aussie product called Inox that contains lanolin that I use a lot.

      And Ballistol. I always have some of that around.


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