Recon Team Habu SOG


One of the readers was asking about this photo the other day, I found the original article and so I am reposting it for him.

Green Beret Nick Brokhausen walks behind an indig team member while walking the Ho Chi Minh Trail trying to lure out an NVA soldier for prison snatch.

This is a really great shot of a CAR15 using a forward vertical fore grip made from a M16A1 grip. You can also see his ODs have been streaked with black spray paint and extra pockets added to the shirt sleeves. Common SOG recon modifications. People often ask why you don’t often see them wearing boonie hats. If you have ever been in the woods wearing a “boonie hat” and tried to pinpoint the direction a certain sound is coming from you will know.

Nick seems extremely casual to be walking what was one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The fellow SOG man who shared this photo says it is a result of Nick having taken too many “green hornets,” a powerful amphetamine issued to SOG recon team personnel for some missions. Like extremely dangerous POW snatch attempts. The pill reportedly ensured 24 hours of stamina with no need for sleep or eating.


  1. Check out his book, “We Few,” if you want to hear/read him talk about wearing a WWII German helmet into Laos with RT Habu.


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