Oy Vey. NEOCON Warmongers Rejoice!


Well , it looks like ” our greatest ally” is about to, or is in the process of, kicking something big off. Neocons across these United States are orgasmic. Nay, in Ecstasy. With the capital E. No doubt Jared Kushner is creaming his jeans right now.

Feels like troops withdrawn from the other sand covered shit hole was to have them ready to be pulled into another front of the Forever War. After all how can we say no? It’s in the bible or something that we have to always make sure the ultimate protected class is protected at all costs to US interests and beyond all common sense.

US Gov’ Money Printer goes BRRRRRRRR! Rest assured all matériel lost in this little operation will be covered by your tax dollars. That is in addition to the 40 billion a year we are already sending them.

Warning! Reading my comments in some states is now “illegal”.

Israel’s military confirming that “ground troops” are now involved in operations at the border but that the “invasion” has yet to begin inside the Gaza Strip…

Things continue to escalate rapidly into the overnight hours.

“I said that we will exact a very heavy price from Hamas, we are doing this, and we will continue to do so,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated. “The last word has not been said, and this operation will continue as long as necessary.”

Into the night hours Thursday (local time), Hamas unleashed a large wave of rockets on southern and into central Israel.

Israel has vowed to expand its Gaza operations until “there is complete quiet” – according to the words of Defense Minister Benny Gantz. And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has clarified with a new statement:

“I said that we will exact a very heavy price from Hamas, we are doing this, and we will continue to do so.”

“The last word has not been said, and this operation will continue as long as necessary.”

Today was also widely reported as the worst day for rioting and ‘lynching attacks’ in Jewish-Arab mixed cities and towns across Israel…

The reports come after on Wednesday Defense Minister Benny Gantz previously threatened “Gaza will burn”. He said: “If citizens of Israel have to sleep in shelters” due to Hamas rocket attacks “then Gaza will burn.”

* * *

On Thursday Israeli troops have begun amassing at Gaza’s border amid widespread rumors of preparations for a ground invasion. It comes also as violence between Jewish and Arab communities inside Israel ratcheted further overnight, taking the form of mob riots and attacks on either mosques or synagogues. 

Rioting in Lod, Israel via social media footage

Overnight from Wednesday Israeli media estimates that 150 rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip into Thursday, bringing the total fired since fighting began early this week to around 1,500 total rockets.

Israel has in return continued to pound the densely packed Gaza Strip with airstrikes, with the death toll soaring to at least 83 Gazans killed, including 17 children, and and additional almost 500 wounded, according to Gaza’s health ministry on Thursday. At least seven Israelis have died, including a 5-year old boy, with dozens injured from the inbound rockets. 

Tank and artillery units assisting Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza on Wednesday, via AP

Reuters is reporting that additional forces have arrived to Israel’s southern border after last night Israel’s Security Cabinet approved expanding operations in Gaza, especially the airstrikes which are expected to continue through the week.

Israeli troops massed at Gaza’s border on Thursday and Palestinian militants pounded Israel with rockets in intense hostilities that have caused international concern and touched off clashes between Jews and Arabs in Israel,” Reuters details.

A number of social media videos in the past days have purported to capture large convoys of Israeli tanks headed toward Gaza.


  1. Every US war since I was a kid has been started on the basis of a lie.
    There was no “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”, no North Vietnamese gunboats fired on either the Turner Joy or the Maddox.
    It is believed that the Maddox fired at radar shadows, both ship’s crews were on edge because they had just landed teams of CIA trained South Vietnamese saboteurs.
    I read the Pike committee and the Church Committee reports and McCoy’s “Politics of Heroin in SE Asia” when they became available and found them helpful in understanding US involvement.?
    Lotsa black money in Heroin, and Coke.
    I recall reading the WSJ on my way to a cube with a view in the 80’s and trying to figure out how much 12 trainloads, NOT carloads of drug cash would amount to.
    Because the fed had added 12 trains per day from Florida to handle the influx of cash from the Coke boom.
    Anyone surprised that Heroin production took off once the US occupied Afghanistan is naive.

    58,000 American dead, for a lie.

  2. Playing the victim card again. Complete with the lie of them being attacked first. Just ignore the 4 days of Israel attacking them and injuring 700 people before they finally returned fire in self defense with the next to nothing them have. I guess you can get away with the when you control major media.

    They need a distraction. Don’t want the sheeple looking too closely and discovering who’s really behind the jew-flu.

  3. I hope they both beat the hell out of each other. Neither side of the fight has anything going for it. They certainly aren’t worth the bones of a single Pomeranian Grenadier, let alone any of our young men.

  4. It’s been a few months since I’ve looked around here but it seems like my brothers and patriots are finally seeing who is behind the evil. I’m glad you guys see the truth now and will be proud to stand with you when the time comes to fix this mess.


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