SW Model 686-4


A very nice 686 from Karl today.


  1. I spent a summer learning to shoot a short barreled .357 and ended up trading it for an officers model .45.
    Recoil was manageable with practice, but after firing it at dusk on the range and seeing the fireball I decided that the drawbacks exceeded the benefits for me.
    The .45 was a lot easier to shoot with accuracy and I could get a second aimed shot off noticeably faster even without a timer.

    Only hits count and only hits in a vital area will stop a fight.
    Deliberately choosing a sidearm you find difficult to shoot accurately is not a good idea, and I simply don’t shoot full house .357 loads from a 2″ barrel well enough to make it worthwhile.
    Stick a 4″ or 6″ tube on that beauty and it’s a different story.
    I’ll stick with what works for me.

    • Full house silhouette loads with a 3½” SW 27,
      when everyone else stops shooting and says, “What have you got in that thing?”

      Short-barrelled wheelguns are great fun as flashbangs for laughs and giggles, but otherwise





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