DOJ “Actively Considering” Domestic Terrorism Law To Target “White Supremacists”


Hey, guess who the new “terrorists” are going to be? Friends, they want you and me dead or locked up in a gulag. Like all communists, they will purge all political enemies. Not agreeing with the ruling class and narrative will be a federal offense.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told MSNBC‘s Nicol Wallace that “The predominant part of that domestic threat ” is white nationalists, adding “We can’t ignore that because of a political sensitivity that some of the folks are part of the Trump base.”

Now, Bloomberg is reporting that theDOJ is “actively considering” whether to seek a new law which would allow prosecutors to bring specific charges for domestic terrorists who plot and/or carry out attacks, according to a senior department official.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland shitdick supreme

One of the things we’re looking at is would we need new authorities,” said deputy assistant attorney general for the department’s national security division, Brad Wiegmann, during a Thursday House hearing.

…..there have been more than 430 arrests made in connection with the Jan. 6 assault on the US Capitol “carried out by extremist supporters of then-President Donald Trump” (as Bloomberg puts it).

The FBI has warned that domestic violent extremists pose a heightened threat for carrying out attacks in the U.S. in the near future, with white supremacists being the most lethal threat.

Currently, no U.S. law lets the government designate domestic extremists as terrorists or bring specific charges for domestic terrorism. That contrasts with laws to combat international terrorism, which allow the government to designate groups and bring charges for providing those groups with material support. –Bloomberg

“The question we’re really wrestling with is, are there gaps,” Weigman told a House Appropriations subcommittee. “Is there some type of conduct that we can envision that we can’t cover or would it be an otherwise benefit in having something else other than what we’re having now?”

Democratic Rep. Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania – chairman of the subcommittee, said that: “Right-wing extremist attacks and plots have greatly outnumbered those from all other groups combined and caused more deaths as well,” adding “This is a cancer on our country.”

“We ought to be able to find common ground that the predominant terrorism threat facing the country right now is a domestic threat. The predominant part of that domestic threat is white nationalist threat. That has international, transnational links as well. We can’t ignore that because of a political sensitivity that some of the folks are part of the Trump base. So I hope we can find common ground. We need to make sure we protect the country.”


  1. The DOJ can use Soviet Russia’s Article 58 as a good starting point for repressing citizens based on ideology and group identity rather than commission of actual crime. This will really streamline their operations. History can teach a lot of lessons for those willing to learn from it.

    By the way, the abridged audio book of “Gulag Archipelago” was recently released and it is a phenomenal book. Definitely recommended to get insight into where all this is heading and for a much deeper understanding of how communism affects different types of people, victims and perpetrators alike. Solzhenitsyn makes the case that it is far better to tell the truth and be ground into the dirt by the communist machine than to go along with their endless and deeply destructive lies, and that nearly everyone was complicit in building and perpetuating their criminal society by their individual acceptance of lies.

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