Colt Factory 9mm Conversion Kit For M1911


Another conversion for the 1911 from Karl today, This one for humiliating your 1911 by making it fire 9mm. Will God forgive us for making such a thing?


  1. I think it was Ken Hackathorn who, when recently asked, “9mm or .45?”, replied, “9mm for training, .45 for fighting.”

    Then I read Gabe Suarez, who thinks that with terrorism and the combination of body armor and bomb vests (he cites the 2008 Mumbai attacks as the exemplar), we’re going to need high mag capacities to deal with multiple opponents, and that implies 9mm and face shots to bypass the armor.

    I went shooting in the desert with my nephew and his German nine recently, and was struck by how *tiny* 9mm rounds are, compared to. 45s. But I think Suarez’s point deserves some thought.


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