New Pilgrim Ammunition Self Defense Pistol Ammunition


Sarasota, FL – Pilgrim Ammunition, a manufacturer of premium high-velocity, lead-free, defensive pistol ammunition has inventory ready to ship to consumers.  Pilgrim Ammunition’s Torch™ line of cartridges uses premium materials and components and innovative design to produce ammunition that rapidly expands in soft targets to mitigate overpenetration, increases kinetic energy and reduces felt recoil.  Torch™ is available in .380ACP, 9mm +P, .40 S&W and .45ACP +P.

The heart of the design and performance of Torch is the use of a precision CNC machined, all-copper bullet that is lightweight and lead free.  This helps achieve velocities up to 75% faster than traditional pistol ammunition in comparative cartridges, such as up to 2,000fps for the 9mm +P cartridge.  This hyper-velocity allows the lightweight hollow point bullet to penetrate then rapidly expand in a starburst pattern to fully deliver its kinetic energy while mitigating the risk of overpenetration.  To date there has been zero overpenetration during company testing using industry standard ballistic gelatin. The lightweight bullet also reduces the felt recoil which is helpful for controllability and follow-up shots, in particular with smaller and more compact pistols. 

Torch® ammunition is now available for consumer direct purchase at Pilgrim Ammunition.  Currently Torch™ is sold in boxes of 20rds each and with an MSRP of $34.95 for the .380ACP, $34.95 for the 9mm +P and 35.95 for the .40S&W +P and $39.95 for the .45ACP +P.  For more information and complete technical specifications, please visit



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