A 21-year-old Chicago man ( You know it’s going to be bad right off when its from Chicago)allegedly used a “large machete” to slash his co-worker to death at an auto body shop before stuffing the body in the trunk of a Cadillac ..

Molina was charged Thursday with murder in the death of Villalobos-Calderon, whose body was found inside the trunk of a Cadillac parked on the street in the city’s Belmont Central neighborhood, police said. Cadillac? Man, that’s living!

A motive was not made clear, and Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Deboni said the two saw each other “daily” before the attack and appeared to “get along.”

Villalobos-Calderon was in the shop by himself that morning working on his own car, a Toyota RAV4 SUV, which was up on a lift when Molina walked in about 10:30 a.m.

Villalobos-Calderon had unplugged the shop’s video cameras so he could use the outlet for something else, but the shop was equipped with audio surveillance.

Moments later, Villalobos-Calderon can be heard speaking in Spanish saying, “Stop messing around, a——. Stop, wait. Chill out. I’ll leave. … I’ll leave. … Here comes your dad, dude.” Deboni said.

His voice then “abruptly stopped” and “several thumping noises” could be heard as Molina allegedly used a large machete to slash his face and neck, according to Deboni.

At some point before 11 a.m., a person came into the shop to check on his truck and saw Molina covered in blood that appeared fresh. When the witness jokingly asked if he’d killed someone, Molina claimed he’d been in a fight, Deboni said.

After seeing blood on the floor, the witness sped away, called Molina’s father and told him to get over to the shop because there was some kind of fight, and then called 911.

Molina then told another witness, who saw blood under the victim’s RAV4, that he had injured himself and he declined medical attention.

That witness saw several things out of place in the garage, including a metal grate peeled up and covered in blood and apparent drag marks, according to Deboni. He also saw Molina put a cardboard box in his trunk.

It also appeared Molina had used a power washer to try and clean up. Lol that was nice of him!

At some point before police got there, someone asked Molina where Villalobos-Calderon was and Molina thumbed backward, slightly moving his head toward the trunk of the Cadillac, Deboni said.

When officers opened the Cadillac’s trunk they found Villalobos-Calderon’s body, Deboni said.

A “large machete” and another knife were found nearby in an alley and Molina was placed under arrest at 11:03 a.m.

Molina suffers from mental health issues, including “breakdowns,” which can be triggered by fights, the attorney added. Yea, I think that is pretty clear.

Molina, a U.S. citizen with no children, has resided for most of his life in Illinois and in the Chicago area, and there was nothing to indicate he would present a flight risk, the attorney said. Press X in the comment section to doubt that.

Judge Ortiz, before denying bail, called Molina a “clear and present danger” to the community and said she was not able to issue a monetary bail.


  1. If he can just get a break for a minute, there’s gainful employment for him in Mexico. It sounds like he’s got naturally what many of us only aspire to have.

  2. Any idiot that thinks “guns are the sole reason for violence” needs to spend some time in Central America. Good friend of mine was an SF NCO down in El Salvador, back during the “interesting days”. His varied and sundry stories about the goings-on down there were eye-opening–The El Salvadoran soldiers would take their trainers out to the various social events they were fond of, and not a one of them ended without massive and significant violence inflicted with all sorts of edged implements. No guns–Nobody could afford those, and only a gringo or a pussy would use one, anyway.

    His favorite one was about being awakened at oh-dark-thirty one Sunday morning by one of their El Salvadoran troopies knocking on the door. He answered it, groggily, and the El Salvadoran asks him if the team medic was awake. Informed that he wasn’t, the El Salvadoran just says “Oh, well… I’ll wait for him to wake up in the morning…” and sits down on the steps leading up into the tropical hut. My friend looks down, and realizes that the dark shiny the El Salvadoran is standing in is actually blood pooling up, and then goes and gets the medic up out of his quarters. The ensuing chaos that morning sees about six pints of infused blood and a medevac take place, because that El Salvadoran is that chopped up.

    Turns out, the kid (said El Salvadoran was about 17 years old…) had gotten on the wrong side of a love triangle, and gotten mugged by the narco buddies of the other corner of the triangle. True love being what it was in El Salvador at that time, he’d not only survived but managed to prevail over the other four characters who’d made the mistake of following him out of the club, and then he’d had to walk the 8 or so miles back to camp… Bleeding. The SF team got the kid stitched together again, pumped full of blood, and had him back on his feet for the next big mission. Which was less than a couple of weeks after…

    The El Salvadoran cultural ethos is “blades, blades, and more blades…”. And, not just the men–The women are into that stuff, too. Do not, I repeat, do not ever make the mistake of getting caught in flagrante delicto with another woman if you are seriously dating or married to an El Salvadoran woman. You will wind up missing multiple important bits and pieces if she gets within arm’s reach before she calms down. If she calms down at all, that is…

    I honestly don’t know how the hell there’s even the slightest bit of that whole Latin American muy macho bullshit going on, down there–The level of casual violence I have personally witnessed from El Salvadoran chicks would be enough to leave me “scared straight” when it comes to potential adultery. Those ladies are, frankly, scary as hell…

    Of course, Filipinas, Koreans, and a Thais are all about the same, but the El Salvadoran women are in a class by themselves when it comes to violence. I’m pretty sure there’d be not the slightest hesitation about “doing the necessary” with any of the ones I know. Even the other ethnic groups from down there think they’re crazy, especially the campesino El Salvadoran women…


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