In 12 American cities run by Democrats, the murder rate is skyrocketing


This morning I ran across a post on B-ARFCOM from “tracksar55” on the rising crime rate in progressive Utopias.

“Democrat-run Chicago: arrests/stops are down 53 percent, murders are up 65 percent.

Democrat-run New York City: arrests/stops are down 38 percent, murders are up 58 percent.

Democrat-run Louisville: arrests/stops are down 35 percent, murders are up 87 (not a typo)  percent.

Democrat-run Minneapolis: arrests/stops are down 42 percent, murders are up 64 percent.

Democrat-run Los Angeles: arrests/stops are down 33 percent, murders are up 51 percent.

Democrat-run St. Louis is now “America’s Murder Capitol.” In 2020, the murder rate hit “a 50-year high, with 87 out of every 100,000 residents being murdered.”  You are now three times more likely to be murdered in St. Louis than in Mexico.

In Democrat-run Portland, the study says after the policing budget was slashed by $12 million and three police units were eliminated, “shootings climbed 173 percent [not a typo] percent and murders rose 255 percent [not a typo].”

First Article

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