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  1. Meh. Dumbass didn’t fight the cops, dumbass wouldn’t have gotten shot.

    My belief is that if you’re enough of an asshole that you force a cop to draw a taser on your dumb ass, you should be shot anyway, just on general principle. Tasers ought to only be used on the mentally ill, or otherwise mentally compromised. If you’re a cognizant adult acting out, with no underlying mental health issues? Dude, you act polite and get in the nice cop car. You don’t run from the cops, and you don’t get beat.

    Victim in this case got what he asked for, which was a bullet. I’m feeling zero to negative numbers of sympathy, here.

    • Its interesting to me that a cop with over 20 years of experience and who has the power to legally execute you can accidentally confuse a glock for a taser and you dont mind

      • All fuckwit had to do in order to stay alive was to not resist arrest for the valid warrant they had on him. Even if he was valid, the place to contest that shit isn’t on the street, where other people are at risk. You want to argue with the cops, do it in court.

        He not only resisted arrest, he gave the cops every damn reason to shoot him. If he’d been white? He’d wouldn’t have even gotten the consideration he did.

        I have zero empathy or feels for these assholes. In this case, I’m not seeing the issue with the shooting, at all–The dumbass made it happen, his choice, his actions led directly to what happened. If he’d done what every honest citizen would do, and simply cooperated with the cops when they came back and tried to arrest his stupid ass? He’d be alive. He’s dead today because he chose to “keep it real…”.

        Shit, look at his social media: Straight-up gangsta’, man. And, everybody wants to be a gangster until it’s time to do gangster shit, like man up and admit that his own stupidity got him killed. I don’t know how many idiot self-identified “hood rats” like him I had to deal with over the years, but I’ve got limited to no sympathy when they play the games they do, and run up against reality.

        Dude earned more than a Taser ride, and he got it. Too bad, so sad–How’d you like to have to explain to your kids why mommy ain’t coming home because someone like this was running from the cops on a legit warrant, and hit her car, killing her? How would you feel, being the inevitable victim when this stupid waste of oxygen finally killed a taxpaying upright citizen? Because, you know that was coming–Odds that he’d pull his shit together and ever be a productive citizen are slim to none. Dude’s social media posting speak for themselves–Volumes.

        • the dude being a shitbag that needed shot is not in question

          that you dont have a problem with an incompetent idiot who cant tell a gun from a taser is the interesting part

          • Out this way they wear the tasers opposite the sidearm so that it’s a completely different motion to pull a taser vs side arm. Usually a cross draw set up on the front of the weak side hip. I thought it was in response to a similar case in the central valley some years ago but I could be wrong on the location.

            I think in that case they had some old fart reserve officer pop a guy while he was already hand cuffed face down on the pavement.

          • I’ll happily call out the cops for things I think they screwed up, but in this case? Nope.

            There is one person, and one person only who deserves blame: The dipshit who created the situation in which the cops were dealing with him as a resistant felon. He was, to repeat, wanted on a weapons charge.

            My issue with the cops would not even begin to be with the ones on the scene. Administrators and “leadership”, that put a cop into a position where they had a freakin’ “Less Lethal” weapon on their gear anywhere near the lethal one? Yeah, them I blame. The cop? Not so much. If I had to guess, they were running on instinct in a shitty situation the dipshit created, and that instinct said “Shoot this fleeing-apprehension fool and stop him before he pulls out the weapon he’s wanted for and kills a bystander or one of us…”. The fact that they thought they were “deploying Taser” on his stupid ass is immaterial; he’d earned a bullet, and only the color of his skin had anything to do with the choice for “less lethal”. A young white male would have been shot out of hand, and never have made the news. Likewise, a middle-aged white male, or anyone else other than black.

            And, that shooting would have been ruled justifiable. So, why the angst? Because all too many people are falling for the scam, which is not going to end in some wonderful “land of peace and joy” where the cops are all Officer Krupke and nobody ever has to use a weapon. It’s going to end in anarcho-tyranny, where blacks literally get away with murder, and there’s no policing whatsoever.

            So, yeah… Keep on beating that dead horse. In this case, as in the one with that equally idiotic Brown character in Saint Louis, the facts are not in favor of the “victim narrative”. It’s a propaganda ploy, pure and simple.

            I would never in a million years argue that the cops and the law enforcement situation in this country aren’t ‘effed up. But, the cases like this one aren’t doing a damn thing to either argue for reform or that the solution is that lovely idea of “de-policing”. If anything, this shit is going to end with no cops doing their jobs, fewer cops actually on the job and doing the job, and a general loss of peace and security for the general public.

            Where this is going to end? The cops are just going to show up to bag-and-tag, and your average white dude who’s forced to kill young Mr. Feral Black Man is gonna either have to follow the three-S precept, or go to jail where he’ll be killed.

            More I observe, the more I think that this is the preferred outcome for all this. It’s all a part of Progressive Plan for New America, and it is not in your interest or mine. The thing that absolutely pisses me off is that the Clown-o-crats have somehow managed to sidestep the fact that all these communities where all this supposed “suppression of the black man” and “systemic racism” has been going on? They’ve been run by the Democrats for generations. One would presume, that being the case, that they’ve had ample time to influence the nature of law enforcement in those communities, and that they should likewise be held responsible for all this structural racism that they’ve allowed and encouraged. Only thing is, they’ve somehow managed to persuade everyone that while they’ve been running the government, that somehow the Eeeevulll Republican Racis’ Bastards ™ have managed to take over and suborn the police departments that those municipal governments have responsibility for and authority over…

            Don’t fall for the bullshit. Because, that’s precisely what this is–Bullshit, and a product of planned political action, just like all the canned bullshit is always ready to go whenever someone goes off their rocker and starts shooting up their local school or place of employment. Nobody ever blames the left-wing “de-institutionalization” of the nutters, or how they’ve made it so hard to get people committed to residential care facilities that no longer exist thanks to their “humanitarian principles”.

            Frankly, I think the cop and her bosses fucked up big-time, on this–She should have owned that shot, and said she intended to do it, while telling the world he got himself shot and killed for resisting arrest, fleeing the scene, and then aggressively confronting the cops after he wrecked his vehicle. With what is known about this situation so far, that would have meant “Shoot the stupid fuck” if he were white, so… Why’s this different? Black thugs lives matter more than the general public and the police lives they put at risk through acting out the fool?

  2. I’m open to the argument that we should shoot fleeing felons. Especially these days where body cameras record everything, and the differences are clear between a dude getting into his car and a dude who is getting his face ground into the pavement by four cops who are shouting, “Stop resisting!”

    But it’s not too much to ask that cops pay attention to the difference between their Tasers and their Glocks. If any of us had shot a guy while shouting “Taser! Taser! Taser!” while we capped a dude, we’d all be working with our attorney on the best plea deal we could get.

    I think that designing Tasers like guns was a foolish decision. They should be shaped like anything but a gun: a TV remote, a computer mouse, an XBox controller. But there’s just no percentage in looking at systematic issues in policing unless the word “whiteness” comes after the word “systematic.”

    But with all that said, we aren’t going to get human beings out of police work, and we should have high standards for them. If a cop can’t tell the difference between her lethal force options and her less-lethal options, then she should pay for that. IMHO in this case it looks criminal, like a negligent homicide or a manslaughter beef. But who knows. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about these situations, it’s that the media isn’t giving me the whole story here. That’s why we have juries and trials.

    • Yes that is my entire point. I have no problem executing shit bags. Having some one on duty, with the power of life and death over us plebes, that cant tell when they grab a gun instead of a taser is a major fucking problem though.

    • Let us say, for example, that you’re out in the woods. Not being woods-wise, or even very intelligent at all, you find a bear cub and decide to have some fun by abusing it.

      Should you be surprised when mama bear shows up and turns you into hamburger? Should we blame the bear, or your own ‘effing stupidity? Or, better yet, why don’t we sue the National Park Service because they have such attractive nuisances as bear cubs out there, and dangerous mother bears that will turn you into so much shredded meat for screwing around with her cub?

      No, the fact remains that that Taser/pistol issue would have never been brought into play, absent the actions of this dumbass. As such, suicide by cop would be my jury verdict.

      The other ancillary issues of the Taser/pistol error, inadequate police training, and all the rest are just a smokescreen for the propaganda effort directed at turning our society into an unlivable anarcho-tyranny. The point remains: Democrat-run city, for the last how many generations…? Who was responsible for recruiting, training, and promoting that cop after her probationary period? Was it a cabal of crypto-Republicans, or something?

      I don’t like a lot of what the police get up to. Ashli Babbitt? That whole situation is a travesty; which I think is inarguable. However, this one? Good grief… If there were a hill to die on over police conduct, this ain’t it.

      Bad cases make bad law. That’s what the progressive creeps are relying on. Don’t play into their hands–They’d like nothing better than to lure the rest of us into ill-judged actions that will clear the decks for their mob’s actions.

      At the same time, I think there’s a screaming need for better police officers. But, ya know what? Ya want the cute little girl cops, instead of the 6’2″ 230lb Irish bastard who played offensive line on his junior college team? You are gonna get a different sort of policing and see a whole lot less “hands on” and a lot more lethal force. That’s just a reality you have to cope with, when you allow itty-bitty chicklets and manlets onto your police force.

      • I think we’re talking past each other on this specific case, so I’ll refrain from restating my side of it. But I agree 100% that cops should be big and male. There is certainly a role for female cops, but it’s not responding to violent suspects, it’s dealing with women and children and jailing of female prisoners.

        I also kind of like your jury duty idea.

  3. Having read all of the comments above…

    I think police forces should get rid of Tasers.

    I remember reading an opinion a while back, when Tasers were starting to become commonly deployed, that they would lead to more police-involved shootings, not less.

    The reasoning was, simply, that before there were Tasers, there was a small set of discrete points along the use-of-force curve: hands / batons, and then guns. A pretty big step change in effect, but it’s clear that if you exceed a certain threshold for bad behavior, the cop is probably going to shoot you. And that sets a line (presumed) perpetrator’s mind beyond which they’re not too likely to go, behavior-wise, because the next step up from “grapple” is “BANG.”

    Having intermediate stages – Tasers, pepper spray, etc., makes it very easy to argue that providing more graduated toolset will save lives because a Taser, say, can be used in situations where otherwise one would use a gun, because something more than hands, but not as much as a gun, was needed force-wise.

    However … In practice, it also pushes the perpetrator’s perception of the “I’ll be shot if I do this” line’s position, further back. So they’ll push harder. And so more will get shot because the line’s less clear than it was. That point, completely outside of the mistaking-a-gun-for-a-taser thing, made a bit of sense to me at the time. Now? Seeing the cries of “Well, they could have just tased…” at every shooting, adds a whole other dimension to the argument.

    So at this point I’d dump the Tasers. The option is great in principle, but in practice it seems to make decisions harder at the incident, and from observation, it makes defending even a good, clear-cut shoot much harder. (In the court of public opinion, most certainly, and arguably in the court of law as well.)

    • I think you make a really valid point, here.

      I’d also like to point out that a lot of the problem is that by making police work open to everyone, including the small of stature and muscular, we’ve drastically reduced the number of “continuum of force” options available to the police. People do not grasp the fact that it’s not just the chicklet cops that have to go to lethal force more readily and quickly, it’s all the cops, because the rules for use of force have to be consistent. So, even if you’re a 6’8″ behemoth, you have to follow the rules. Maybe you don’t, but that’s the way the rules are written, and if you decide to be “nice” and not shoot the dipshit wannabe felon when the chicklet cops on your force would have to, guess what? You’re gonna get charged with “police brutality” when you take that guy down and lay hands on him. Never mind that he’d have been shot by another cop, or that he’d set the situation up that way by his actions…

      I am not a fan of chicklet or manlet cops. And, it’s as much a mentality thing as it is physically–I’ve known guys who were of reasonable stature who were, to put it bluntly, pussies. Their mindset and behavior rendered them manlets, not men. You need to have your policing done by men, not little girls with dicks.

      That said, I’ve also known some itty-bitty women who’d give someone like Shak a run for his money. They’d probably climb his ass like a tree, and then beat him black and blue all the way down. It’s a mental thing.

      But, when you’re looking across the broad force, that “mental thing” is hard to evaluate and recruit for. You’re better off going for mass, which is going to be more predictable and consistent. Not to mention, you know damn good and well that tackling Shak is gonna hurt, while Brenda the Bitch over there doesn’t present as very imposing at all, even though she’s the one more likely to seriously fuck you up, something you’re only going to learn by doing. In cop-world, it’s better that the general public doesn’t get the temptation to try that.

      As well, the whole “less-lethal” thing is a crock. I like the European idea, expressed to me by an Austrian cop: “Make me draw my weapon, and someone is getting shot. Period.”. Over there, the pistol is not the “threat display” most cops here in the US tend to use it as. In the US, the culture militates towards thinking that a cop “really isn’t serious…” until his pistol is drawn, which tends to mean that they draw their pistols a lot more, and use them less. For most US criminals and cops, “shit don’t get real” until the trigger is pulled. In my Austrian cop’s way of thinking, the minute you make him draw, shit got real, and you’re getting shot. They don’t do investigations over there on shootings; they do them on “drawings”. If you unholster your pistol for what they regard as frivolous or inadequate reasons, then you’re going to go down. Draw for good reason, and then shoot someone? LOL… They don’t care; if the felon you shot gave you reason to draw, it’s assumed that you had reason to shoot, and that’s all on him.

      I like that mentality. I think the cops (and, criminals…) all ought to be trained such that they’re always addressed politely and their authority is acknowledged. If you’re in a traffic stop, it’s “Yes, sir…” and “No, sir…” all the way around. They treat you with respect, you treat them with respect–And, if the felonious decide not to? Well, that’s why they’re issued pistols.

      That said, I think we need to do a better job on recruiting, training, and retaining good cops. Either that, or it’s an all-hands sort of deal, where you get handed police duty the way they do jury duty. You do a tour as a cop dealing with the public the way they have to, and it gets a lot more to the point of “Yeah, I get that…”, and you start to understand why things are the way they are.

      You’re a young black male, and outraged at cops for treating you like shit? Well, maybe you ought to be on the other side of that badge, and discover why: Most of their clients are young black males, and it ain’t because they’re out to get them. It’s because most of the ‘effing crime in this country is disproportionately committed by young black males, and most of the cops that are killed are killed by young black males.

      The most racist, anti-black mofos I ever ran into were not KKK members. They were black Chicago PD cops, whose solution to Southside Chicago would have looked a lot like a far less humane version of the Nazi solution for the Warsaw Uprising.


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