Top Man Loses Rifle Privileges


A real expert in tactics. Only the best know this technique.

Video here:


  1. He’s completely untrained in cqb, obviously. He’d get smoked the first time he did that in training; guaranteed. it is a tragedy

  2. I think this guy is using great tactics. By elevating the rifle, he’s using gravity to make the round more powerful as the trajectory is going down. Since the bullet is going down, he’s using gravity to get an extra 2 feet per second of velocity. If he added in the “gangster style” motion of pumping the rifle forward as he shoots, he can add another 2 feet per second. With a total of 4 extra feet per second, he’s turned that 5.56mm rifle into an ultra powerful magnum that could easily knock down an elephant or a cape buffalo with just one single round.

    Shawn, do you think you can get a hold of this guy to write some tactics articles for posting on Loose Rounds? If we follow this guy’s lead and instruction, all of us can be Special Operations door kickers without having to attend SOT, SFAUC or SFARTEC.

    Let’s also give some credit to the #2 man who has his flash hider within a few inches of the #1 man’s left arm. It’s CQB 101 that 5.56mm muzzle blast not only rips through uniforms when that close, but also the skin and flesh underneath the uniform. Try it out with a piece of heavy cotton duck Army tent material or 1000 denier Cordura Nylon a couple inches from your flash hider. He would also blow out the #1 man’s ear drum and ruin his eyesight from the flash hider muzzle blast. The only possible way to get away with that close of proximity is to use a 9mm MP5, but a 5.56 is a definite no-go.

    I cringe watching guys try to imitate movies and look cool in real operations when they are actually one step from causing operator induced catastrophe through stupidity. The liberals hate on combat veterans as destructive agents built by the government, but in reality, experience learned in combat can reduce “collateral damage” after transitioning to civilian employment stateside.


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