One person is dead and at least six people have been wounded in a mass stabbing at a Canadian library.  

What!? how can this be?

Police say ‘multiple victims’ were stabbed within and outside Lynn Valley Library, in North Vancouver on Saturday afternoon.

At least six victims were taken to the hospital with stab wounds and and one person has been confirmed dead, Global News reported.  

The suspect has been taken into custody and it is believed he acted alone, according to police.  

Witnesses told Global News the suspect began stabbing people inside the library before moving outside.

“I was in the library community room and just outside, suddenly, we hear yelling and everyone stopped and stared, everyone started running out the side door,” witness Mary Craver, who was attending a book sale at the time, said.

“I just started running too. We ran all the way to the mall.”

The suspect was both known to police and had a criminal record, he added, however his motive remains unknown.

Arren’t they always? Nice to see the Top. Mounties. Are just as good as our Top. Men.

“Obviously the question is why did this happen. We believe we know the who, the what and the when. It is our job now to determine the why,” he said.

We may never know…


  1. Nice of Looky Lucy to approach Stabby and the victim to do nothing at all. I guess she wanted to see what it is like to see someone getting stabbed?

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