1877 Colt Sheriff’s Model “Thunderer”


Our pal, Karl bought himself this nice 135-year-old Colt. I am very jelly because I have always wanted one of these though not in the Sheriff’s model.


  1. Very nice. I looked at the photo’s, and did not see any warnings or lawyer stuff stamped on the gun.
    I think it was a deferent country then…

  2. I love the names this broad period in history came up for things. Thunderer, the Volcanic Repeaters, the Lightning steam locomotive, the HMS Thunder Child torpedo ram ironclad. Okay, that last was from Well’s War of the Worlds but still.

    Today, not so much. I wonder if it’s the desire to not have a “negative image” (whatever that means), fear of liability, or just today’s typical bureaucratic life-and-joy-damping adminstratium and stuffiness that seems so pervasive in any company bigger than three people.

  3. Condition and provenance are what mteer to collectors and that nickel finish has held up remarkably well.
    ISTRC that the “Thunderer” had a reputation for being fragile (Springs?) in comparison to the SAA.
    And most importantly, how does it shoot?
    It should be controllable, .41 LC doesn’t have much oomph.

  4. The revolver is in impressively good condition, and the pictures are lovely, but I was hoping for a bit more. What is the double action trigger pull like, subjectively? What is the pull weight? How about the single action? I know .41 Colt ammunition has not been readily available in the US in a very long time indeed, but I was hoping you’d at least dry-fire it for us.

    • how can I shoot or review it when it belongs to a third party collector who shares these pictures with me. “Shutter Shots” is a gun pron column and that’s it. I dont have possession of the guns in the section. It’s glamour shots.


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