Ammo Recovered from The Tiền River in Vietnam Still Looks Fine


Vietnamese media recently reported on a pile of vintage .50 caliber BMG ammo that was recovered from the mud of the Tiền River that looks like it just came from the factory. 

Local media showed members of the Vietnamese Army inspecting the ammo, reportedly illegally salvaged from the river near Thuong Phuoc and confiscated by Border Guards. It has been underwater for decades.

Sealed in OD green ammo cans, much of the belted .50 cal rounds look like they could still be used. (Photo: Video Screenshot)
The boxes included piles of both .50 cal and small arms ammo, such as 7.62 and 5.56 NATO. (Photo: Video Screenshot)
Some seemed to fare better than others, likely due to the integrity of the box and its rubber lid seals. (Photo: Video Screenshot)
The salvage operation was reportedly paying locals 200,000 VND ($8 US) per day to disassemble the ammo down to its components to sell for scrap. (Photo: Video Screenshot)


Some reports mention the ammo, of which over 37,500 rounds were recovered, may have come from a lost PCF boat.

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  1. These stories always make me drool. Only the one hand It’s nice that we haven’t had any major battles here since the 1800s but on the other hand I sure would like to stumble across stuff like this. I follow some of the Ukrainian guys would metal detect around the swamps out there and they find stuff constantly it seems.


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