Criminal Aliens In line at the Rio Grande entering America

Massive line of immigrants get rafts with human smugglers across the Rio Grande: Crossings surge but the Biden administration insists there is no border crisis

Shocking video shows a massive line of migrants being smuggled across the Rio Grande into Texas, despite President Joe Biden continuing to insist there is no crisis along the southern border.

The clip, which was captured on Thursday morning by former Border Security Operations Center manager Jaeson Jones, shows dozens of migrants standing on an embankment as they wait for boats to bring them across into the United States.

The small boats appear to be operated by people smugglers concealing their identities in ski masks.  

The footage has been shared by several politicians, including Texas Rep. Chip Roy, who has blasted President Biden for following a surge in border crossings.

He claims migrants are being used as ‘political pawns’ by the Biden Administration, and that they are being harmed and killed trying to reach the US, lured by Biden’s ‘false promise of Amnesty’.

Last week, Biden claimed there was no crisis at the southern border, despite  Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detaining or processing a staggering 100,441 migrants in February. Nearly 10,000 of those were unaccompanied children.

Biden’s special advisor, Roberta Jacobsen, admitted in a White House briefing on Wednesday that the timing of the surge was ‘no coincidence’ because Biden’s ‘more humane’ policies had given migrants ‘hope’.

DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has similarly refused to call the surge a crisis, instead describing it as a ‘challenge’




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