Tim Kennedy is an antigun piece of shit


This is Vet and I suppose famous MMA fighter,Tim Kennedy on a recent podcast telling the host how your RKBA is something you have to earn. I’m sick of these bro vets like Kennedy, and Matt Best and the shitheads at Black Rifle Coffee Company using the gun community to get rich and famous while at the same time thinking no one else should be able to just go buy a gun.

He was in the army bro, he was issued a full auto M4, so he knows better than you about your rights, crime and the constitution.

Thanks to the fellas at akpeasants instagram page for bringing this to everyone’s attention.


  1. I’ve deeply read every anti-gun argument I can find trying to see if there is an intelligent discussion on it. There is one thing they have in common; and that is that they are fraught with logical fallacies of nearly all stripes. Anti-gun, is similar to the new religion of anti-racism, which is like the way Christians push Christianity. None of the socialists and faith-based religious arguments put forth withstand the slightest scrutiny– not even the supposed benevolent utility of the proposals. The founding fathers knew that in freedom there is happiness, and in freedom there is peace and honesty and no need for black markets. Freedom is only scary to the cabal, and that is all.

  2. I first thought that maybe it was just a Fuddish comment he had made then I watched the video. Might as well start wearing an orange Mom’s demand anal shirt.

  3. I find it darkly hilarious that he’s CCW while lecturing the rest of us on how we need gun control. Perhaps he thinks he’s one of the beautiful people that places like California, New Jersey, NYC and Massachusetts would allow to carry a firearm. Perhaps he’s correct, but I doubt it. My own state allowed no CCW at all until the modern CCW movement legalized it somewhere around 1990. On behalf of the gun culture: You’re welcome, Timmy.

    Also for the lulz department: someone carrying off-body lecturing me on firearm responsibility.


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