Surfing for Dolphins – 762 Gear – LBV-88


This will be quick.

Picture from Army Nave Warehouse. They are selling these for $25. Tempted to get one. But I would never use it and it would just some more worthless junk I have laying around.

After boot I went to soi east. I spent a little time as a geiger tiger camp guard. During that time I used ALICE gear combined with an LBV-88 vest.

The LBV-88 vest is used with an ALICE belt. We still had canteens and buttpacks. I remember when I first saw it I thought it was so cool. Slanted magazine pockets. Those would be fast.

The top mag pocket holds 2 mags, the lower pocket only holds one. So the vest holds 6 magazines total.

This “VEST, ENHANCED, TACTICAL LOAD BEARING” had nice wide shoulder straps to support an amount of weight you’d never be able to get into it.

I seem to recall it was slow getting mags out of it.

What I mainly remember is that it trapped heat. It was hot and this made it worse. Much worse. I would hate to be using this in a hot and/or humid environment.

It is pretty near a downgrade from the stock ALICE equipment. Bulkier, less customizable, a mess of straps. A mess of straps actually works out to be a good description of all the gear I used after this.


  1. I remember when they first issued the LBV to us. At first I thought it was awesome, then after one patrol in the heat, I thought it sucked. The first model was the hottest, since the material was solid. Shortly after they came out with the LBV “Enhanced”. The “Enhanced” was that they got rid of the solid material and replaced it with mesh. Did it work, Nope! Still too hot for patrolling in hot environments. I went back to my ALICE Y strap TA-50.

    I probably still have an old one stashed away in my storage. One day I need to clean it out and sell everything on eBay.

  2. BAP45, I’ll hit you up if I every raid my storage…but I have to offer up to Shawn first, since he was one of OB’s buddy’s.

  3. Was issued the original and then the enhanced version. Too hot is what I remembered from it too.
    What it was good for though was cannabalizing those beefy shoulder straps along with the webbing from the standard LC2 suspenders to make a fairly comfy, relatively speaking of course, load carriage harness. So accepted was this practice at the time it was actually SOP at one of my units until MOLLE came along as the new hotness and ALICE got served divorce papers.
    If your preference is towards a belt mounted kit like in the olden days it’s not a bad rig. It can give you a little grief with ruck straps, padding on top of padding and all, but even then the extra cushion was nice.


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