Ruger .45 Bisley Model


Today we have this Ruger from Karl. I am no fan of Ruger pistols myself. I don’t they have ever made an attractive wheel gun or semi auto.


  1. Rugers lack a refined aesthetic, that’s true. But they partially make up for this by being built like a brick outhouse, and that comes in handy at times.

    • They were also a lot cheaper and easier to find than a Colt and every single action Ruger I ever had shot real good too. But I never met a Ruger centerfire auto or DA revolver I liked, at all.

        • Interesting. I can see where that would form your dislike of them. I have the same problem with Colt Lightweight Commanders. Yet steel frame Commanders I can hit with. Makes no sense.

          • Its’ apparently very common for a lot of people to shoot the combat commander better than the commander. I have even seen this in person myself for years

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