(Cape Gloucester Sniper)


In case you didn’t know, we have added a new website to the LooseRounds “family” to go along with and The 5.566MM Timeline. If you have already discovered gearedup, please post in the comments below and let me know how you did find it. is a site run by a friend who collects militaria, studies and documents it. You can see some great stuff over there. His collection is much better than mine. Below is one of his recent posts.

M1903A4 Springfield and associated gear. This should be representative of a Marine sniper during Cape Gloucester. The weaver scope has a fine crosshair reticle and is 2.75x and is actually surprisingly bright and clear for its age.
Not 100% sure if they had the mosquito net helmet covers yet but wanted to show it some love. And before people start arguing yes the 1903A4 was used by the USMC as well during WWII. It was only a small number and only for a short time but it was there. Senich covers it in the book in the previous post.

Didn’t quite come out how I had hoped (was going to take another hour of digging through the garage to get the rest) But this should be at least a start. I’ll try to do a more detailed tableau next time. I was running out of time on this one.


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