LOL, where did this tier list come from?


Just saw this online today. Don’t know who made it or what site it is from, but it is rather hilarious to me.

Now I could go on with all that is right and wrong with it, but I’m sure you have your own opinions. What do you think of this list?


  1. I’m surprised to see S&W in the poverty list. I don’t know about their ARs, but I have 3 S&W revolvers and they’re very well made guns.

    Are S&W rifles actually crap?

  2. Basically, my thought is “whatever boats your float, dude.”

    One could argue the, ah, finer points, but I lost all interest when I got to the “NATO death squad” comment. Told me all I want to know about how such a discussion would likely go.

  3. It’s kinda sorta accurate I guess, but it doesn’t matter to most people. Not sure why Stag and Ruger are so low, I’d never equate them to Palmetto and their QC problems. I have no idea who Radian is or why I should respect them. The twin-dongs of Spikes should probably be dropped a tier.

  4. The note about the M&P Sport being poverty their make some sense – Shippong without a port door makes it seem unfinished. Other wise every other S&W AR is just fine. You could say they are minimum viable for HD work. They are sor of like the old USA made Crafstman: they’ll get the job done, and they are will last a life time, but if you start getting serious you start adding or replacing with Snap-on, Mac, SK, etc.

    The Ruger AR 556 are below the Smiths. They had some QC issues when they came out and are definitely not mid tier. Their piston guns seem ok though.

    The Windham guns i have seen fine ok for an entry level AR. I wouldn’t call them poverty tier

  5. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. It’s possible to beat that maxim, but you’re going to have to do your research and likely get a little lucky too.

    And most of the time when you buy the very top of the market, you’re not getting a great value, you’re just getting a very good product without the requirement to do a lot of research.

  6. I have an AR built from a company that doesn’t even make it to the “DESTITUTE” tier. For you old timers that used to look at Shotgun News back in the 80’s, you might remember a company that advertised AR Parts Kits that was called NESARD. Cant say they were the bottom of the barrel, since they were below the bottom. I still have it, but I did convert it to a 22lr. upper.

  7. I laughed. I believe there are 2 companies that cast AR lowers.
    Everyone uses the same CNC machining data.
    I think it boils down to “who has the best set up men?” 🙂

    Besides a easily replaceable trigger, all the money is in the upper.
    I see a lot of quality/great performing Uppers on “plain Jane/no name” Lowers in
    the hands of Service Rifle shooters. 😉

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