MSR Distribution Becomes The Exclusive Distributor of CETME L Rifles from MarColMar Firearms


MSR Distribution is excited and honored to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive distribution company for MarColMar Firearms and their range of excellent CETME L rifles.

MSR Distribution is a specialist wholesale distributor, based in Las Vegas, that sells hard-to-find and highly sought-after products to licensed retailers and specific qualified entities. Says Ross Botha, Sales Manager at MSR Distribution: “The entire line of CETME  rifles, to include the L, LC, LV, and LV/S has been a staple brand for MSR over the past few months and we are thrilled with the new partnership! MarColMar manufactures a high quality, beautifully finished product that breaks the mold of boring AR clones everyone seems to be doing nowadays, the CETME L is different and offers fantastic value to the consumer.”

MarColMar Firearms is an FFL / SOT / and Class II Manufacturer that specializes in bringing important historical military firearms back to life – for both collectors and shooters. Founded by Dave Bane in Richmond Indiana in 2007, MarColMar has been committed to merging modern manufacturing methods and materials, with surplus military parts, to recreate the most accurate, high quality, and reliable firearms available to the consumer market. Their past projects and collaborations with other fine industry leaders, has resulted in some of the finest semi-auto firearm shooters and collectables, all of which have rapidly increased in demand and value – such as the Semi PKM, the Bulgarian AK-74, their milled Uk vz 59, and the UKM. Their latest project, the CETME L, will now expand their limited production – high quality philosophy – to a broader market, allowing many other enthusiasts to access these products and designs, and enjoy them for generations.


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