Ai-1 Light Head from Atibal Illumination


335 LUMENS :: 200,000 CANDELA :: UP TO 3000FT OF REACHThe Ai-1 Light Head offers a more precise beam of light that can effectively illuminate targets up to 3000 feet away. The Ai-1 Light Head threads onto any light body that is powered by an 18650 or 18350 battery. Simply unscrew your existing light head and quickly replace it with the Atibal Illumination Ai-1 Light Head, no tools required and now you’re ready to blast a highly focused beam of light that will illuminate the target enabling more accurate identification and engagement.

Simple, practical, and extremely effective. Own the dark with Atibal Illumination.

The Ai-1 features a powerful emitter with a lamp embedded in a ceramic resonator. This gives the Ai-1 light head concentrating and throwing abilities matched by no other. The highly collimated light beams can penetrate through smoke, inclement weather, dust and more. The concentrated beam of the Ai-1 will bathe your target in intense illumination providing the most accurate PID or positive identification. The Atibal Illumination Ai-1 is designed to enhance the performance capabilities of all users regardless of the environment.

? Reverse Polarity Protection
? Over-Discharge Protection
? Low Voltage Warning
? No PWM, No Noise, Temp. Control Protection Function
? Fully multi-coated, anti-reflective tempered glass lens

? Precision Machined Aluminum Alloy Construction
? Hard Coat Anodize
? Output: 335 Lumens, up to 200,000 Candela
? Runtime: 3 Hours w/ 18650 Battery | 1 Hour w/ 18350 Battery
? Battery Type: 1x 18650/ 18350
? Size: 1.28″ Diameter, 2.64″ Length
? Compatibility: Any 18650 or 18350 Light Body
? Weight: 3.2oz


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